Grayson and I

Grayson walked closer and stopped when he was only a few inches away from me. My heart was beating faster. "No... It's just, you could get hurt." "I've tried this a million times before." He took a step back, chuckling. He was already unbottoning his shirt and flinging it to the ground.


To say his body was a work of art was fitting. I had to use all of my self control, not to gaze. His hands went down to belt buckle and then-

He's the badass player, with girls chasing him. Partying, being popular and breaking girls hearts is second nature to him.

She is the stereotypical good girl, who's almost invisble to guys.


1. One


Oh God. So there I was, standing outside the player's house.
What a cliché though.

I nervously walked up to the front door, and knocked. The door opened almost immediately. I was now standing in front of the famous Grayson Puth, with a basket full of cookies in my hands. He was looking up and down at me while he was smirking.

"Who are you?"
"I... Ehm, I'm Caylee."
"Isn't that a boys name?" I shook my head. "Again, who are you?" "You're friends with my brother, Calum?" "Oh yeah that's right. But I always thought you were like 10 or something, when he talked about you. So how old are you?" "I'm 16." I looked down at my shoes, thinking about what to say next. "Why do you have cookies?" "It's, eh... For your mom." "My mom?" "My mom baked them. Apparently they're friends." Grayson took one of the cookies and began to eat it. "Hey! It's not for you." He ignored me, and continued. "What flavor is this?" "Chocolate, I think." "It doesn't taste like chocolate, but okay. It's good."

Did Grayson Puth just say that he liked my cookies? Well, my moms cookies. "Give me the basket." He commanded. I gave it to him and then he walked away into his house. A moment after he came back, now leaning against the doorway with his hands in his pockets.

"So, do you go to partys?" Did he just ask me out? No, he couldn't have. I'm not his type, I'm too ordinary. "Don't look at me like that! I'm not asking you out Calyee. It was just a question." Could he read minds or something? I shook my head. "Never? Well, you seem like a fun girl..." God, a jerk! "And you seem like an idiot!" I turned around and walked home. "Calyee! I didn't mean it like that!" Grayson yelled at me, but I just ignored him and kept going.


"Did she get the cookies?" I nodded. "Did she liked them?" "Her son did..." I hurried upstairs to my room before my mom could ask me any more questions. "Which son?" My big brother Calum came in. "Can you please knock next time?" "You didn't answer my question." Calum sat on the chair beside my bed. "Grayson." "Did you like him?" I looked at my brother with wide eyes. "Don't be ridiculous! I hate him. He's so full of himself." My brother grinned. "Does he go to the same college as you?" "No, he's only 18. But he's a good friend though." "Which school does he go to?" He grinned again. "Yours. He's a senior. That's probably why you didn't know that. They don't hang out with softmores." Great. The annoying famous jerk Grayson goes to my school.


I woke up early the next morning. After taking my blue jeans, grey T-shirt, and one of my beloved hoodies on I went downstairs to get some breakfast. I sat quietly with my book eating cereals in my bed, when I heard something bumping on my window. I looked out just to see Grayson standing outside my house throwing stones at the window glass. "What?" I yelled. "Come down." He smirked. "In you're dreams." I walked back to my bed, continuing eating my breakfast. All of the sudden I heard the annoying sound again only louder this time. I turned my head around and almost dropped my ball of cereal. "Grayson! What are you doing? Get out!" Grayson grinned and sat on my bed. "I'm serious. Get out." "I wanna talk to you." "Not my problem." "Listen!" I looked at him with wide eyes.

"I wanna take you to a party." "I would never go out with you." "Stop denying it Caylee. Everyone wants to go out with me." He smirked once again. "Well I'm not everyone." "I noticed." He mumbled. "What?" "Nothing." "Grayson, stop mumbling. I can't hear you." He gave me puppy eyes. "Please?" I shook my head. "Nope." He stood up with a raised eyebrow. "So you want to lose the only change you have, to go out with me... Because you're stubborn?" "That's not the reason. I just don't like you." "Now I see why you don't have any friends." "I don't have friends 'cause I'm not as superficial, dumb and bitchie like all the other girls. And they don't hang out with people who's different." I stood up and crossed my arms.
"Why do you have to be so difficult?" "Why do you have to be such an annoying jerk?" "Ouch, you're words hurts me." "Good. You deserved that."
"Do you want me to jump out the window, or can I use the door now?" "You could have used that in the beginning. But I would like it if you jumped out the window..." "As you wish, angel." Before I could comment on 'angel' he was already gone. And the worst part... Why was I sad about it?

Author's note
Hiiii darlings.
So, this is the first chapter in my first English book, so be nice!
I know it's a little short, but they're getting longer, I promise!
Remember to comment and vote!
I'll try to opdate fast.
I hope you enjoyed this chapter!:P
Ta-ta for now!


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