Never mind

Sasha lives in California and goes to California High School. She is a dreamer. Her imagination has no limits and she is madly in love with Tom, her best friend. But Tom is dating the pretiest girl in school, Tifany. Will Sasha step up and get what she wants, or will she stand back and say 'never mind'..?


5. Pre-party

Saturdays are always good days. You don't have to go to school and you can do whatever you want, because you still have a day left out of your short weekend that it is made to be a hangover day. God's day, right? The day everyone frees from work, so nothing is open. Everything is closed and there isn't a soul in the street cause everyone is sleeping late. In conclusion, sundays are hangover days.

Fridays are good days too. You wave goodbye to school for a couple of days and you say hello to your bed, your couch, your party friends and your fridge. Think about how many things one can do in a weekend. You can go fishing, skiing, camping... even on a trip. But you can also stay home and watch that movie you wanted to watch but never had time to, you can read that book that is supposed to be fantastic, you can party hard with your friends or just relax. Weekends are great, and I'm about to start one with an awesome party:

"So, I hear there's a party at Henry's this friday." Says Matthew in Math class.

Matthew is a football star player, kind of cute, who is always partying and laying around in lazyness. I've never had any relation-ship with him, of any kind. We barely say hello to each other in the hallway.

"No kidding. That's great! Henry's house is so big, so cool!" Says Tifany in her unbearable tiny voice.

Tifany is holding Tom's hand and we are all hanging around there because Math teacher, Mr.Been, hasn't appeared for the lesson. I can't stand Tifany and her voice, but is it because of how she is or because she's with Tom? Either way, that party sounds cool, but now that Tifany and Tom probably are going, I don't feel like going anymore.

When I express my feelings to my best girlfriend, she totaly freaks out. "What!! Look, this could be your chance to make a move. Tell him how you feel. I'm going and so are you. End of discussion. In top of that, if you end up alone at night, you are coming to sleep over. That's cool?" I finally nod because I know that once something gets in her head, It's hard to push this thought aside. Besides, I have a good feeling when it comes to this party.


When school is over and I start walking home, (I didn't bring my car cause the weather is shiny and hot), someone calls my name so I turn around. It's Tom, he's walking through me and he's not alone: He is with Tifany. Shit. Do I have to fake that I like her again? I'm not so good at this, and I think she already knows I don't like her.

"What's up, you?" Waves Tom as charming as always. "Hey, guys, great day, huh?" I say in a weird voice. When I'm nervous, this strange and awful voice comes out and I can't stand it. Tom knows that, let's hope he doesn't comment anything. "Wow, your nervous voice has come out. Haha, are you nervous for the party?" He says. Of course. "Yeah, sure." I say clearing my throat. "You're going?" Asks then Tifany, who doesn't let go off Tom's hand. What does she mean with "You're going?" Ugghhhh, It's definetly her that I don't like. "Of course she's going. She's a party girl." Says Tom smiling at me. I can see Tifany frowning. You don't like that, do ya? "Sure. It is going to be THE best party! Uh-hu!! I'm so excited! Okay, I'll see you then." I say with my fake voice as I change directions to get home. I could have said something else, but it is done. I suppose I will have to show some really good time to those two tonight.

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