Never mind

Sasha lives in California and goes to California High School. She is a dreamer. Her imagination has no limits and she is madly in love with Tom, her best friend. But Tom is dating the pretiest girl in school, Tifany. Will Sasha step up and get what she wants, or will she stand back and say 'never mind'..?


2. Morning nap


It's the classic sound of my alarm ringing at 6:45 am like every morning. Usually, it doesn't take that much for me to get up, but today my entire body feels stone made. I stand up feeling a little dizzy and tired, so very tired. I turn off the alarm and open the curtains. It is raining outside and the weather is awful. I hear a strong wind whistleing and I really don't feel like going to school today.

I go down the stairs so slowly (it takes me like four minutes to descend ten stairs) that by the time I arrive downstairs I am already awake. My dad is not home, like every morning, but today he's left me a note on the kitchen table. It is writen on a post-it and it says: "Good morning, pumpkin! The weather has gone crazy today. You can skip school and stay at home if you like."

Greaaaat. My daddy really gets me when it comes to this kind of things. He is, after all, a very cool dad. Just when I am about to go to sleep again, my phone rings. I must have left it down here yesterday. I start looking for it but I can't find it, so without worrying too much, I go upstairs and prepare myself to take a long morning nap.


When I wake up again, It's almost eleven O'clock. The rain hasn't stopped but It is lighter now than at seven am. I go downstairs and prepare myself a delicious breakfast. I take some tosts, eggs and sausages from the fridge, and I make myself a full protein-energy-outstanding breakfast. While I eat, I watch some tv and afterwards, I lay down on the couch whilst reading the newspaper. Again, my phone rings and I start to look for it. Where did I put the damn phone? Oh, there It is, behind the sofa. The screan is blocked but it appears I have two messages. I unblock it and my heart starts pounding faster when I read who sent me the messages.

Tom: "Why haven't you come to class? Either u r sick or have gone for an ice-cream without me."

And another message at 10 am:

Tom: "I really hope u r sick"

I mumble something that even I can't understand and then I try to stop my so sweat covered fingers from shaking. I decide to answer him:

Sasha: "Neither. The weather is terrible."

I don't spect him to answer fast, he is probably in class right now. But, still, I keep on checking my phone every minute. Suddenly, the phone rings again and a little 'aaakdbxjsjb' scapes from my mouth.

Tom: "U have 2 b kidding me. U feel like watching a film?"

WHAAAT? He probably is so bored in class that anything is better than staying there. Knowing that, and making a huge effort to control my emotions, I answer:

Sasha: "Ya. Come over?"

This time the message doesn't take long.

Tom: "On my way"

My heart is literaly almost outside my chest. Though I know nothing is going to happen, I run to the shower so nervous and excited. I know it isn't a date or anything...but I don't care, I'm going to watch a film with Tom. Two hours straight with the boy of my dreams... Let's go for it.

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