Never mind

Sasha lives in California and goes to California High School. She is a dreamer. Her imagination has no limits and she is madly in love with Tom, her best friend. But Tom is dating the pretiest girl in school, Tifany. Will Sasha step up and get what she wants, or will she stand back and say 'never mind'..?


9. Janitor

The next day at the hospital I am allowed to receive visits. The nurse-man that creaps me out wakes me up at 8 a.m. The sun is shining outside and I can even hear little birds singing. If I weren't stuck here with a terrible headache, I would have had enjoyed the day. "Because your condition is so fragile, we have to follow a determined schedule. You will see your family and friends in a couple of hours." He says after approaching me a new blanket. I nod but don't say anything; I still don't trust him.

Suddenly, a girl nurse comes in with what I guess is my breakfast. The tray is full with a non-coloured bottle and a plate with a pair of fried eggs. "You have to drink the liquid in this bottle first, and then, you can eat the eggs. If you don't feel like eating anything you can leave them, but you must drink the liquid." Says the nurse-man after helping the nurse-girl with the tray. Then she leaves and we are both alone again.

I still haven't said a word and I don't intend to. He looks at me like asking me: Understood? I nod and he leaves, after staring at me with a weird look on his face. Will he be payed to act like a nurse and fool me, or is he a real nurse that just hates me? I don't know, but I have to find it out. In a couple of hours everybody will be here, so I have until then to figure out a plan.

Because my headache is getting worse I oblige myself to drink the liquid in the non-coloured bottle, which tastes like mushrooms. Then, I eat both eggs and leave the tray on a side.

Making slow movements, I stand up and go to the door. I slightly open it to check if there is someone in the hallway. Nurses and doctors are walking around, but nobody seems to notice me. I breath deep and go outside. I have to make sure nobody suspects me, so I try acting all loof.

I rumble on the hallway for a bit, until I finally find a door that says: "Janitor". I check the doorknob and as it is opened, I walk inside quickly and close the door. The room is quite small and all it has are shelves with papers and stuff. I look around and my eyes suddenly spot something useful.

With my hair in a ponytail, a janitor's ugly hat and clothes, I walk around the hospital, and nobody looks at me. Great. I go to the waiting room and find it almost empty, which is clearly an advantage for my plan. The registration spot is almost empty too: Just two people. I stand there, on a corner for a while, until the girl of the registration spot stands up and asks her partner: "I'm going for a coffee, do you want one?" The young partner nods and asks for a cappuchino.

When the girl goes, I wait up a little and then aproach to the man. "Yes, do you need to fix something?" Asks the man. "Yes, in fact, I need to clean this. Why don't you join your partner downstairs and have a coffe while I clean up in here?" I ask. He stands up and nods. "If somebody asks, you tell them we will be back soon."

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