Never mind

Sasha lives in California and goes to California High School. She is a dreamer. Her imagination has no limits and she is madly in love with Tom, her best friend. But Tom is dating the pretiest girl in school, Tifany. Will Sasha step up and get what she wants, or will she stand back and say 'never mind'..?


6. High hopes

"Oh, we look so great! Look at us!" Says Alana while we stand in front of the mirror in her bedroom. She is wearing a blue top and a beautiful skirt, and I'm wearing a red dress that I really think looks good on me.

"What is going to happen tonight?" asks Alana while we put some of her make-up on. "Don't know. Maybe you making out with Jackson Right could happen" I answer showing her my red lips. She nods and then says: "Stop it. There is nothing going on between us. But I know who you should try to seduce tonight." We put on our heels and stand in front of the mirror again.

"You know a little birdy told me he wasn't doing so good with Tifany?" She says after a while. I turn around and look at her. "Yeah, apparently he's into someone else too." Says Alana. Oh,My God. "Okay, but that someone else is not me." I say taking my purse and my cell from the table. "Believe what you must. I'm just saying tonight we are going to a pool-party where the boy of your dreams is going to be so charming and so handsome you'll end up even more in love with him. It's time to move, sister! Wake up! This is real life. If you don't fight for the things you want, nothing's ever gonna happen to you. Wake up, start playing." Alana smiles and gives me a kiss while we walk to her car.

"You are right, I know. Okay, maybe I'll tell him." I say. Just then, I receive a text. I unblock my phone and a short message appears on the screan:

"Where r u?" Is from Tom. I show it to Alana and she nods while she smiles and starts driving. "On our way." I answer him and smile. Maybe Alana is right, maybe I am the other girl. After all, he is the one flirting with me all the time. I blush constantly, but because he makes it happen. Oh, My... Am I really the girl Tom likes? No, it can't be possible... he is so hot and I'm not. Tonight I'm going to kiss him. Enough of my childness. Tonight is the night. And if he doesn't feel the same way, at least I'll go to bed knowing I did everything I could.

Just then I hear a car's claxon and Alana loses control of the car. What? What's happening? Some idiot is coming directly at us. "Stop it!!" I shout. Alana is shouting too. "I can't control the car! Hold on!" The other car collides with Alana's car and her scary face is the last thing I remember.

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