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Sasha lives in California and goes to California High School. She is a dreamer. Her imagination has no limits and she is madly in love with Tom, her best friend. But Tom is dating the pretiest girl in school, Tifany. Will Sasha step up and get what she wants, or will she stand back and say 'never mind'..?


1. Bear-hug

Author's note:

Hey! This is my first official novel here in Movellas and I am trying to do it right. Hope you like it and comment about anything you want! I'm opened to ideas. Thanks, enjoyyy!


Sun is shining bright today. Absolutely no clouds in the blue sky and the temperature is just perfect: not too hot, not too cold. Whilst I'm walking down the street on my way to California High School, I wonder about my little sister. Mom took her when she divorced from dad and moved to a new house a year ago. At first I missed them like crazy, but now I am getting used to the fact of them not living with us. I get to have lunch with them almost every day, so we are still very close.

Suddenly, someone grabs me from my back and gives me a quick bear-hug. I know who it is just because of the fresh smell. Just for a moment, I close my eyes and enjoy the closenes. Then, he pulls away and it phisically aches. My best friend, and sadly, the guy of my dreams, gives me a kiss on the chick as he says 'hi'.

I know it will sound kind of dorky, but his smile makes my knees shake. His curly brown hair matches perfectly with those big brown eyes he has. His dark skin and his so perfectly shaped body makes him a really-hard-to-resist guy. He could get anyone he'd want from California High, though he is seeing this squad girl, Tifany Janson, who happens to be really hot.

I don't get along very well with Tifany, but with Tom I connect so much, and I like hanging out with him a lot. Without any fault of my own, one night I dreamt about him and since them he has been the center of each and everyone of my dreams.

'How's my best bud doing?' He asks with that inocent face he has. 'She's wondering how come her best bud has taken this road for school today.' He lives in Grest avenue, which is far away from the rute I take to school every morning. 'Someone may have stayed at his girlfriend's last night.' Shit. Now he is smiling all adorable. I smile back but inside I'm feeling so stupidly stupid. Of course he stayed at Tifany's. 'So, what did ya do?' I ask trying to act cool. Inside It's like if a tornado is playing with my thoughts and emotions, but since I want to become an actrice some day, I'm going to practice now. Perfect time. I'm in for the roll of the girl who is happy for her friend. 'You know...' He smiles as he laughs and so do I. My laughter is so fake any other person in the world would have caught me. But not Tom, cause he is in some 'basquet ball-Tifany-lalala' land and I'm just his best horse. Well, being 17 and having to go to college sucks, but being madly in love with your best friend is kind of annoying too. Welcome to my world.

I spend the rest of my day thinking about Tom. The temperatures have raisen and when I saw him for a moment during the break time I was all confused, because OMG the high temperatures had made him sweat, and his t-shirt got so sticky to his upper body that you could basically see every muscle. Besides, it is not my fault that lessons are so boring, either. Then, when school is finally over, I find my best friend Alana and walk out of school for good.

'Heyyy, what's up, you? Why are you so dreamy?' She asks me while we walk down the street. 'Nothing, there is just the perfect weather, don't you think so?' I ask stopping for a second and breathing deep. 'Sure... why are you so in love with Tom?' She asks suddenly. I start walking again.

'Cause he is soooo dreamy. I mean, you've seen him.' 'Yeah, but hon, I hear he is having the best time with Tifany. Aren't you afraid they are going to really hit it off?' ' I don't know... It's not like I can tell him how I feel or anything.' 'No, I agree on that. Cause he is so blind with Tifany now that you would only confuse him and then your relation-ship would get all weird and stuff. But, you can seduce him!' Alana stops in the typical crossroad to go right. I must go left. 'Yeah, like I could seduce him. He only sees me as a friend. His best non-hot, non-atractive bud who he can play basquet ball with.' I sigh, because saying that out loud is harder than just thinking it. 'What are you saying? Come on, Sash. You've got a great body, beautiful hair and light-soft skin! You ARE atractive. And as he is a 18 year old guy, he knows that too. So stop thinking less about yourself and prepare a plan. We will talk tomorrow, but think about the plan!' And just like that, she leaves and starts walking towards her home.

'Heeeey' I shout when I get to my mom's house. I like this house better than mine and dad's. It has got more opened windows and more light. Besides, mom pulled out the backyard so nice and now it is the perfect place to eat lunch enjoying the sun. I walk across the living room and see some toys around here and there. Little Emma must be leaving them anywhere after playing.

'Sash! We are out here!' Shouts my mom from the backyard. I take off my jacket and bag pack and leave them on the couch while I walk outside. Emma is setting up the table and mom is making barbacue. 'Ummm, it smells delicious. What are you doing, sweety?' I ask Emma whilst I grab and kiss her. 'Look at you, all beautiful. There is no kiss for me?' I give her a quick hug and kiss and help them setting up everything to eat.

"So how was school today?' Asks mom while we all sit down and grab a fork and a knive. "As usual." I say. After a minute or so, mom comes with a big plate of hamburgers and salad and we all start eating. My mom makes the best hamburgers in the world. "This is just terrific. God are you a good cook!" I say while I start eating. "You are an easy victim. Your father is the worst hamburger-maker in the world." Says mom while smiling.

"Maybe we should get a trip, all four of us." Mom looks at me and then at my baby sister and mumbles: "Eat your hamburgers." I smile but don't say another word. Mom likes dad for sure, and I know he is really into her again, so why do they keep playing at this game? Sometimes when I skip art or math lessons and go home, I hear someone making weird noises up in dad's bedroom. I know It's mom because her car is usually hidden a couple of blocks away and she blushes everytime I talk about him.

I learned having my own fun as well; sometimes I stick around until mom gets out and then I catch up with her like "Oh, mom! What are you doing here?" She usually has her hair all crazy and once or twice I caught her without shoes, but I played the surprised- daughter roll. "You should get a hair cut, oh, and new shoes if those you have are hurting you. Let's go shopping this saturday." And the ball is in my side.

"So, now, from mother to daughter. How's your love life doing?" Asks mom while we both enjoy the sun. Emma is also enjoying the sun light whilst taking a nap.

"What? mom! I don't have a love life." I say while I blush. Thanks to the bright sun, mom won't notice. "Of course you do. Everybody has a love life." She says. "Even if you are divorced?" I ask then trying not to smile. She clears her throat and then says: "Shut up." I take my sun glasses off and look at her. "Hey, you're the one who wanted to talk about love." She smiles and says:" Okay, fine, let's just enjoy the weather." I sigh and we listen to The Beatles until I start feeling all dizzy because of the hot temperatures. Then, we get inside and make ice cream with Emma.


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