The Best Friend L.R.H

Hailey hood. What more to say about a young teenager who is falling in love with her brothers best friend.


1. getting to know Hailey

Sometimes I just sit in a corner and think about things. Things that most popular girls would never think of. Like, why aren't I pretty? Why don't I have any friends that aren't boys? Not that it's bad in any way, but sometimes I need someone who I can talk about girly things to, I had some back in Cali but since I'm in Aussie not so much. But we all still keep in touch. I have many other questions I ask myself like, when will I die? Can it be soon? I know what your thinking, why would you think that!! Well if you knew my situation I bet you would think those things to. I get bullied in school, everyone sees but yet they don't help. Only my four best friends would help, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, And last but not least Luke Hemmings. Calum is my brother, and also the bestest friend I could ever ask for. I met Michael when Calum first met him too. He has been there for me when Calum was to busy with things at school. I met Ashton this year. Ashton and I are like brother and sister, but yet no one could re place Cal, well maybe except Luke. We have been best friends ever since We were in diapers. I missed them all , but I missed Calum and Luke most of all when I moved to LA. I haven't seen Calum in 12 years. Yeah I know hard to believe right, well believe it. My mom and dad got a divorce and well my mom took Calum and my dad got me. And well we moved to LA. I used to live in Aussie, and I still have my accent which is pretty cool. I really like to sing and dance. I play a lot of instruments like, piano, guitar, drums, bass, and sometimes violin. I play more but I'm not that good at those instruments. I guess your still wondering who I am, well my name Is Hailey Hood. I have Black Hair but I have Blue eyes which I find really odd because no one in my family had blue eyes. I have a lot of freckles. Which I don't really like. I wear a lot of band T's, I don't like all that pink dress stuff, instead I would rather go will a more of black and red look. You could call me weird for liking black but go ahead make fun of me for liking black. But when I say that to people they really do which causes me to cut. I started to cut when I left 12 years ago. I never really liked makeup so never wear it. I'm currently 17. So I'm one year younger than Calum. So you could probably do the math but to save you the trouble I was 5 when I left my brother. It hit hard though. Calum was my bestie. I had a lot of friends back in Cali as well, there was a lot so I'm not going to get into that. But there was this one kid Jackson. Jackson and I were the best of friends, we did everything together. The reason i moved back to Aussie was because I of course missed my family, but most of all I moved to get away from my abusive boyfriend, we I guess you can call him my ex. I told him I was moving and let's just say it ended with me having a big bruise on my stomach and rib cage. I guess you probably just wanna get into the story. But if you wanna learn more about me. I guess you'll have to read and find out more along the way.

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