The Best Friend L.R.H

Hailey hood. What more to say about a young teenager who is falling in love with her brothers best friend.


4. chapter 2

Hailey POV

We had finally arrived at the airport. I was definitely going to miss my dad. I of course being with my dad for 12 years is a daddy's girl. I'm not complaining though I always was even when I was little. Calum on the other hand was always and I'm pretty sure always will be a mama's boy. My dad helped me get my suitcases out of the trunk and we walked inside. We found my gate and now I guess we wait.


"FLIGHT A22 TO SYDNEY AUSTRALIA NOW BOARDING" that's when I completely lost it. I ran into my dads arms.

"I'm gonna miss you baby girl, but isn't this what you wanted? To see Calum?"


"Well then what are you waiting for?"

" I guess your right, I'll miss you dad"

"I'll miss you too baby girl, I love you"

"I love you too!" I called out as I began walking away and onto the plane. Once I got on the plane I quickly found a seat and sat down. I figured this was gonna be a long flight back to Aussie so I put my ear buds in and fell asleep.

"Dear, wake up, we have landed" the lady next to me said.

"Oh, thank you" I smiled as she got out of her seat and got her carry on's. A little later me doing the same. I got off the plane and whet to the baggage claim. It took me a while but I had finally found my suitcases. Once I grabbed them I went outside and to where people pick up their family members and such. I was waiting for nearly 20 minutes when I heard a little Aussie accent scream my name.

"HAILEY!" I turned around to be met with a tan 6ft tall boy also known as my brother.

"CALUM!!" I screamed. I dropped my bags and quickly ran up to my brother and jumped in his arms. Luckily he caught me or else that would have taken a turn for the worse.

"Wow, Hailey your really short"

"Well to be exact I'm 5'4 and your a 6ft giraffe so"

"Haha very funny"

"I know I always was a jokester" I said as I flicked my hair dramatically in the air as I walked back to where I was and picked up the bags I had dropped.

"Here lemme help ya there" Calum offered as he saw I was struggling

"Thank you" I giggled. We walked until Calum stopped at a car. I'm guessing it's his since he probably wouldn't just go to some random persons car. He unlocked it and help me out my bags in the trunk. The long car ride consists of screaming lyrics to songs or talking about how our lives have been.

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