The Best Friend L.R.H

Hailey hood. What more to say about a young teenager who is falling in love with her brothers best friend.


3. chapter 1

Hailey's POV

*beep* *beep* *beep*

I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock. 'Why the hell would I set my alarm t- oh wait IM MOVING BACK TODAY!' I thought. I jumped out of bed and quickly got my clothes and took a shower. After my shower I changed into and Green Day band T and black ripped skinny jeans. I blow dried and straighten my long black hair. After that I put on my maroon converse, unplugged my phone from its charger and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Once I got downstairs I saw dad making pancakes.

"Morning dad!"

"Morning hunny" he set a plate of pancakes in front of me and I started eating.

"So, when do I need to drop you off at the airport"

"Um, I'm not so sure. What time is it now?"

"Um, it's 7:00"

"Ok, so we can probably leave at 8"

"Okie dokie" I was walking upstairs when my dad called out to me saying,

"Don't forget to say goodbye to Jackson, just thought I would remind you, and I know you and your boyfriend whatever his name is broke up but I think you should say good bye to him to. Just saying!" Oh yeah that's right, my dad doesn't know about how my boyfriend *who shall remain un known for now* abused me. Well I'm not gonna tell him. I quickly ran out the door and all the way to Jacksons house. I knocked on the door and as soon as he opened it I completely broke down. Jackson rushed by my side and started hugging me.

"Hey, Hailey it's ok, what's wrong?"

"I-I-" I cried harder

"I swear if this is because of your ex I will kill that bitch!"

"No Jackson, I'm just gonna m-miss you"

"Oh, your leaving today. I uh f-forgot" I looked up at Jackson and he had teary eyes.

"Oh no Jackson don't cry please" I cried even harder and hugged Jackson harder.

" I-I'm not I-I'm j-just sweating through m-my eyes" I looked back up and gave him a look of sympathy.

"Well, you should probably get going, don't wanna miss ur flight."

"Yeah I uh, guess your right"

"I'm gonna miss you fuck face." I giggled

"I'm gonna miss you too, shit head" he chuckled

"I love ya, bro" I say as I hug him one last time

"I love you too, sis" he says with a wink and a chuckle

"Call me everyday, Skype, text, anything" I say

"Will do" he smiles, but I can tell he will break down any second now. I begin to walk down his driveway but stop when I hear Jackson sobbing. I begin to cry, and soon those cries turn into sobs. I just stood there, thinking. If I go back to him, I will miss my flight and not see my family. But if I keep waking I will make it and get to see my brother after 12 years. I begin to walk again, but every step I took it just broke my heart even more.

I realize I'm walking up my driveway. I head inside and check the time. 8:30! Shit! I quickly run up the stairs and grab everything I needed, I quickly run downstairs and see my dad on the couch watching the TV.



"What are you doing the flight is leaves at 8:40!!"

"Yeah I know, it's 7:30 right now." I double check my phone and of course I see it it 7:30.

"Oh, I thought it was 8:30" I add with a awkward laugh. My dad chuckles and turns back to the TV. I leave my stuff downstairs and head up to my room. One I get in there I make a quick phone call.

Calum's POV

I was laying in my bed doing nothing when I remembered something 'Hailey's coming back today!!' Once I remembered I quickly ran out of my bed and danced all over the place. I was still dancing when my phone rang. I didn't fell like checking the caller ID so I just answered.

Me: Hello?

Caller: Hey Cal!!

Wait I remember that voice anywhere,

Me: HAILEY!!!!

Hailey: I know, I know, you miss me, but no need to scream!

Me: haha, sorry. I'm just excited your moving back today!!

Hailey: I know I can't wait!! But I need to tell you something

Me: yeah ok, what is it?

Hailey: ok so you didn't tell the boys I'm coming right?

Me: no, I was planning on telling them today

Hailey: no don't!

Me: why?

Hailey: because I want to surprise them!

Me: and how are you going to do that?

Hailey: well I was thinking, since it's Luke's birthday you could go and get this really big box and I could hide in it and when he opens it, I will jump out and yell "Surprise!" And yeah!


Hailey: again with the yelling!

Me: I'm sorry Hailey

Hailey: it's fine cal

Me: hey!

Hailey: hi?

Me: no no, I mean hey! As in I have a idea!

Hailey: ok? So what is that idea Mr. Hood?

Me: well, mom is on a business trip and of course I haven't told her your moving back home so I want to surprise her! Any ideas on how though? And just remember she won't be back until next week.

Hailey: oh ok, cool. Hmm OH!! Maybe, you and the boys as well as mom are just all sitting in the kitchen or living room just doing anything and out of no where I walk in and say, "hey Calum have you seen my phone?" And she will get surprised and yeah!

Me: I like that!! Hailey you were always the creative twin.

Hailey: I'm not so sure about that, you were pretty creative as well as a kid

Me: yeah yeah, we should probably hang up, you gotta plane to catch!

Hailey: ok!! Bye Cal! Love you!!!

Me: Love you too Hailey!

Ok so now that Hailey and I hung up I have nothing else to do. Well I guess I could go grab that box Hailey wanted, then I could probably head over to Luke's. Yeah I'll do that.

Hailey's POV

I had just hung up the phone with Calum and was getting ready to leave. I walked downstairs and say my dad holding my suitcases and was beginning to walk out the door. I walked the rest of the steps and helped him bring them outside and into the trunk. Once my dad got in the car and started it we left for the airport.

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