You Don't Understand

When Katy loses her best friend when she was murdered, she has to investigate. After her death, biological tests prove that they are twins. Can love bring back her best friend?


1. She's Gone

"No!" I cried when they told me my best friend was murdered.  I was broken in half.  For real I didn't know it till an hour later we were identical twins.

"How did no one notice," I asked.  

"Well," our mom started.  "Since you were blind we didn't tell you.  She knew.  Then we knew after we figured out she was murdered we had to tell you."

"Why?" I said.  

"You wouldn't know and we wanted you to be OK."

"What do you mean?"

"Your sister had unexplainable magic that was so powerful inside her.  You don't understand it.  Well not anymore she can't.  But... This will all be alright"

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