Lola granger

It's Hermione grangers 6th year and she is dating Ronald Weasley but what happens when someone who looks just like her arrives mysteriously at hogwarts. Who is she? Why is she here?
P.s. The whole ronxlavender thing did not happen.


1. the mysterious arrival!

Hermiones POV

I decided to take a walk early in the morning because I didn't really have anything else to do and I had this strange feeling that something strange was going to happen today.

When I got outside I decided I wanted to go by the willow tree were me and my boyfriend ( Ron) were talking last night. When I got there I saw someone lying down but they looked confused and no one else was around. I took a step closer. And another. It was a girl. A girl with light brown hair. However I only saw the back of her.

"Umm...hello?" I asked tentatively. The girl seemed to jump a little as if she had just awoken from a deep trance.

"Ohmigosh!!!" She exclaimed loudly"where am I? Who are you?!" She said getting up and turning to face me. The girl looked exactly like me except with lighter hair: the same brown eyes, the same body shape, the same hair style. Yet I didn't have a single clue who she was.

"I'm Hermione Granger and you are at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry," I explained slowly.

"That can't possibly be right! I'm Lola granger but I do not have a sister or cousin or anyone in my family my age that looks just like me!!!" She said clearly in a state of shock.

"Umm...where do you come from?" I asked.

"I come from London and I've read about this school and I know that I didn't get asked but we had a personal visit from albus dumbledore himself explaining that there just weren't enough spaces for me to get accepted,"Lola explained. I was speechless. I was an only child! We needed to go see profesor dumbledore immediately.

"Look...Lola let's go speak to professor dumbledore and see what he thinks about the whole situation." So it was settled we'd go see him straight away!

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