Hey, how you doing??

It is about a young teenager (me) that is feeling like she is dying inside and can't help it.


3. What Did I Do Wrong??

     I started datin this guy the 8th of March. I loved him so much and I still do even though he broke my heart to pieces. I still love him with every bit. He broke my heart when he left me for someone else. It's been about two weeks since i've been without him and I hate every minute of it. I just wish I could be safe in his arms again. Him and the girl that he left me for are still talking...been talkin for two weeks. But this isn't like him, he doesn't just talk, he just asks the girl out. But he still flirts with me everyday. What did I do wrong?? What can I do to fix it?? To put things back to how they were before.

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