1. fake or friends?

4 years ago:

"Maybe, something with thou in it." My best friend Alison offers as she closes her purple binder.

I laugh and she smiles and giggles. I scribble down the word thou and close my journal as my Math teacher, Mrs. Clark struts over.

"Alison Dack. Madelyn Hawthorne. May I have a word after class?" She says as if we have a choice.

A flicker of concern crosses Alison's face but then she just smiles and waves her hand carelessly.

"Probably nothing." She says but I hear the worry in her voice as we head over to Mrs. Clark's desk.

"Hello ladies. Something's going on. You can't go home."

As the cops drive me and Alison, silently, to a place we don't even know Ali and I exchange worried glances.

"I'm scared." She whispers as a single tear trickles down her golden face.

"Me too. At least we're not alone." I rest my head on her shoulder as a waterfall of tears escapes from my blue eyes.

"Girls. Silence please." One cop (the mean one) glares back at us as we both take continuous deep breaths.

Soon, we arrive at a tall gray building and I quickly notice my mother and father standing side my side staring at our vehicle. Alison's are nowhere to be seen.

"Mom! Dad!" I cry and jump into their arms.

They wrap me in a huge bear hug and then I notice the police talking to Alison who's in a breakdown of tears.

"Maddie, Alison's parents are gone. They were killed in a horrible car tragedy. The road was too slippery from the rain and well, they fell off the side of the bridge and drowned in the river." My father says it and I grab tightly onto his sweaty hand.

"Ali!" I scream and run off toward her and throw my arms around her.

"Maddie. I have to go. I'll see you soon."


Alison's words echo through my head as I stare at my poetry journal across the room. Since that day, I've never written a poem with the word "thou." She's never contacted me or my family at all. I don't know where she is or what's happened to her but I guess she wants it that way.

My friend Kaylie is sprawled out on my blue rug shading in a picture of a sunflower.

"Movie on Sunday, Maddie? I hear Ryan Goslings in this one and omg he's soooo hot. We should totally go." She says and I glance down at my bare feet.

I miss Ali. Kaylie's the opposite of Alison.

"Sure. It sounds pretty good." I nod and start walking toward my door. "Want a snack?"

"What are you doing Maddie! I'm on a diet and you know that! Could you be more self-centered!" She shouts and then smiles innocently and turns back to her drawing.

"Sorry. I guess I forgot." I mutter and rush downstairs to make myself a smoothie.

My mom already has a smoothie in front of her and hands me a glass full of pink creaminess.

"Thanks." I smile and she wraps me in a one-armed hug.

"How's the hangout with Kaylie? She seems nice." My mom says and stares down at her feet which means she's lying or uncomfortable (I get it from her.)

"It's okay to tell the truth Mom. Trust me I know. I just got yelled out for offering a snack." I roll my eyes and Mom laughs.

"You're just like me Madelyn. Now get back up there. We don't make our guests uneasy here." She gives me a sarcastic look but I do head back up to my bedroom to find Kaylie walking around my bedroom.

"You know I ought to be on one of these walls. Probably two or three actually. Hey Madelyn, I have a great idea. Let's go check out cute boys on the pier today. Ooohhh I'm so in!" She cries and begins jumping up and down.

"Oh actually Kaylie I have tons of chores to do today and my dad needs my help with some work. But you have fun. I heard Taylor's free today, though." I see Kaylie's face turn to a look of anger but she just giggles.

"I am just so silly. You have your own little life. Key word: little. I'll call you later. We should do something." At first she speaks through gritted teeth but then her expression changes to a bright grin.

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