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  • Published: 3 Feb 2017
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2017
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"I can't love you, no matter how I want to. Every time I let anyone close, they end up getting killed. It's best for you to just forget me. Trust me. "

"I can't love you, even though it hurts for me not to. I just can't put you through that. I can never forget you, but I can leave you. It's best that way. Even though this will hurt you, you'll be alive"


8. Bad Ending/ Trevor

The alley was empty as always. This is where I do my drop offs and such. I have to keep doing this so they won’t get suspicious. I usually wait for about five minutes for the buyer to get here. If they don’t come, than they’ll have to wait until next time. My new buyer has not shown any trace of coming and that’s a bad thing. All I know is that this new guy can be cop.

Oh well, it’s his fault that he didn't come on time. Just when I was about ready to leave I hear footsteps. Pausing, I look back and see a man in a old black hoodie.

“I heard that it’s gonna rain tonight”

“Ya. Supposed to be a downpour”

That was the code. His hand reaches into his pocket and pulls out a roll of twenties. I do the same but instead of pulling out twenties, I pull out baggie of pills.


Was the only thing the man said as I walked away

“Oh ya and Trevor”

I stopped my blood ran ice cold. I spun around and pulled out my gun. It was too late, the man was already gone.

“Looking for little old me?”

He was right behind me. I’m screwed. I knew it deep down that something like this would happen. But all I did was push the feeling aside.  

“Now be a good boy, and put the gun down”

I did what he said. Drops of sweat began to ran down my face.

“There’s a good boy!”

“Who are you?”

“Just a pal of Asher the great”

“You’re lying!”

“Just keep telling yourself that”

I could hear the sound of his gun cocking back. He’s telling the truth.

“This won’t hurt a bit. I promise”

The man walks in front of me. His eyes were so dark they looked black, there was cuts and bruises on his face, his lips were bright red. The barrel of the gun was now on my forehead.

“Bye-bye Trevor boo”

And that was the last thing I ever heard. Everything went black. I no longer felt anything.


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