Never Ending

Dealing with anxiety and depression is one thing, but adding in a crazy boy, love, heartbreak, and heart ache in is another story. Hunter Smith lives though it all. Mental health issues, anxiety, depression, violence, love, heart break, loss, fear, and it didn't seem like it was ever going to end for her. Until she finally met him,


2. Settling In

I was all moved into my new house, and Drew was with me every single day. My new job didn't start for a week and some, so we spent pretty much every day together. He was really big into the gym, he went at least once a day, and he was also really big into things that I wasn't. He smoked weed, and did a little bit of other stuff on the side. I didn't find out until the very end.

I just wanted him to love me. I remember thinking "Keep him happy, keep him interested." I did my very best to do that, to the point where I started smoking too. It was a daily activity, and if anything I felt a little more than pressured into it. He would get angry with me when I said I didn't feel like it, or wasn't in the mood to smoke it.

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