Never Ending

Dealing with anxiety and depression is one thing, but adding in a crazy boy, love, heartbreak, and heart ache in is another story. Hunter Smith lives though it all. Mental health issues, anxiety, depression, violence, love, heart break, loss, fear, and it didn't seem like it was ever going to end for her. Until she finally met him,


1. Making Mistakes

I watched as my two bestfriends got into the truck with their boyfriends, and it only reminded me of how lonely I was at the time. That was the thing with depression, it always made me feel a lot more alone than I ever actually am. I always have people there for me, I guess I just want something more. I want someone to care for me on an intimate level.

I looked down at my phone.

*Text from: Unknown.*

"Hey, what have you been up to lately."

I knew who it was for some reason, Drew Wallace. My mind rushed back to the thing that we had before, and how he had left things on such a bad note between us. I was only 16 at that time, it had been almost a year later, I am 17 now. I know that replying to his text was going to lead me down a very interesting path. I guess I figured something going on was better than nothing.

"Hey, nothing really, almost finished my school year. How about you?" I replied.

"Nothing to much, I was hoping you would be up for hanging out some night this week?" He asked. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and that lonely feeling was subsiding. Not completely gone, but not so dominant over everything else that I felt.

I agreed, and we made plans to hang out that Friday. The week seemed to drag on, and I knew that I would have to drive half an hour to the city. Sure enough Friday came, and before I knew it I was almost at his house. I was trying to remember how he looked. I had such a big crush on him when we used to hang out.

He had these amazing eyes that were green with little hints of hazel in them, and then all of a sudden a burst of hazel throughtout them. He was built almost like a greek god. He had the cutest smile that was contagious.

I walked up to the back door, and sure enough there he was with that big smile waiting for me. We went to his room.

"You look really beautiful." He said eyeing me up as if he knew all of the hell he was going to put me through already.

I blushed, I was never really used to getting compliments. I was shaking because of how nervous I was.

He put in a movie, I can't really remember what it was, we didn't get to watching it a whole lot. He looked at me in a way that I had never really been looked at. He listened to me, and he just looked so genuinely interested in what I was saying.

I remember getting chills all over my body when he held my hand, and then we got closer, and closer, until we kissed. I was so tired of being lonely at that time, I just wanted to keep him interested and happy with me. He felt so warm, and nice, and was nothing but gentle with me.

Now that I am looking back at it, I remember the sex being a lot more special at the time, then it really is. That was the night he wrapped his tentacles around me and really sunk himself in.

We had hung out every weekend, and then I got a text.

*Text From: Drew*

"I am really starting to get feelings for you, I think that we need to have a face to face talk sometime." I felt like I was on top of the world. I got home, and my mother told me I looked like I was glowing.

There was just a few weeks until I graduated, and would move to the city, just a couple blocks away from where he lived.

The day I moved in to the house, he decided that he would almost live there as well. I had a roommate, in a big three bedroom house. Her boyfriend basically lived with us as well, and her relationship was about as fucked up as mine would become.


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