The Mess of my Life


2. Anger problems

This temper I have....It's the worst it can be. This temper of mine.... I get mad easily. I can't keep it down. It just gets worse and worse and never goes away. I don't know a way. I don't have a strategy. I just bottle it up and the BOOM there it goes. Like dynamite. I explode. Is there even a way?? I keep it in. I keep it safe. I have to be the one who stays strong. But how? I will explode. My temper always gets the best of me. What will happen? Grades drop. I don't care about them anymore. I don't care about anything anymore. Everything explodes. But here I am sitting in it with not a care in the world. Just sitting in the disaster I made. Sitting in the middle of all the people I hurt all because of why?? All because I stopped caring. I got pushed past my point and I went off. I suffer from depression. THERE I finally said it. The lie I told myself all these years. The lie that said I was fine. I suffer from anxiety. HOW ABOUT THAT, I finally said it. The lie of you can do anything you want. The lie of you are smart. The lie of you are strong. THOSE WERE ALL LIES YOU TOLD YOURSELF. Wake up Ice. You are nothing. You will never make it in the world. You are to soft and to shy. YOU WILL NEVER GET ANYWHERE. Never get anywhere. You have to many problems. Look at reality. 

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