I am no more, I


1. part 1

I pulled the brush through my thick long hair, running my fingers through it, keeping it away from eyes.  I stood back from my long mirror and patted my pleated skirt down and adjusted the band that was snug around my waist. "Aleena, will you hurry up," I heard my step father bellowing my name. I rolled my eyes to the back of my head and hurried along. I didn't want to disappoint him again.

I shoved my feet into my boat shoes and hurried out my door, running down the path towards the car.  "Do you want to take any longer" Kevin spat as I hopped in. "S-sorry" I stuttered. He made my blood boil yet also terrify the life out of me. I belted myself in quickly and let out a sigh.  "Where was my mother?" I spoke softly. "What's it to you?" Kevin spoke sharply back as he pulled away in the car. "I only wanted to know" I felt my body deteriorate into the seat. I watched the fields as Kevin drove me to my lecture. "Th-thanks for the lift" I stuttered again, I felt obliged to thank him definitely after not saying thank you last time. "Your welcome beautiful" he rested his hand on my thigh and I flinched. Why does he do this to me? My own step father.

The ride was short, which was better. "Need a lift home later?" Kevin groaned as I left the car. "No I'm okay " I spoke quickly and slammed the door. I heard him lower the window and shout my name, I chose to ignore him and continued on trotting up to the main block of classes. I flinched hard as a hand landed on my shoulder. "Hey Ally" I let out a sigh realising it was Mona. "You okay?" She squinted her dark eyes at me. I mumbled a small "yes" Mona gave me a small hug, she knew what was going on back at home, and she was decent enough to not bring it up.  "Come on we are going to be late for literature" she beached a small smile and tugged at my arm.

We were at least 10 minutes early, only a few students were scattered about on the benches. "Don't look now" Mona whispered, too late I already looked. My heart took and extra beat as Kira walked into the room, I didn't know she was taking literature this term. I avoided eye contact. "Nice skirt Ally" she flashed a wink at me, I hated her, she brought nothing but hatred to every person she meets. Only a few moments later a tall boy walked behind her, I had t seen him before.

He was very tall and had a head full of thick dark curls that were pushed back from his face. He had a chiselled jaw line and a small metal ring in his lip, his eyes were piercing green and he had a body of tattoos coating him. He wore dark clothing which probably reflected his personality, I found him strangely intreating.

His eyes were latched to the floor as he made away over to his seat, smirking at Kira's skirt comment. I can't deal with this all term.

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