Winnie Resigns

everything is about is My story, is real thoughts, experience


6. Suicide.....

Dear Diary,

I wrote my suicide paragraph about myself, Im so done. there's nothing good left for me here.

R.I.P baby girl, such kind hearted girl. Always there for others, it’s a shame you felt as if we weren’t going to be there for you xx she had so much pain inside her, tears day and night, everywhere she went she got hate, bullied, hit from everyone/everything it a shame she couldn’t see the bright side anymore, she lost her hope in life. she was never good enough, felt as if she was a disappointment. She has so much pain/hurt/saddness inside, it sad to see her leave at such a young age only 16, a girl who has always been so confident and so happy with everyone is leaving us, baby girl just note Idk what were going through but just note we were always here for, I love you baby girl v v much xx I don’t understand why you left us, why did you do it, why did you commit suicide, please tell me why, Baby pleaseee I LOVE YOU, IM SORRY. I will always be here for you Im sorry......... Please come back baby girl, you didn’t have to do this alone, I am here for. But your in a better place now, an angel in heaven watching us down here xx Guide me through everything. I LOVE YOU XXX 

Winnnie xx

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