Winnie Resigns

everything is about is My story, is real thoughts, experience


1. Lost

Dear Diary,

To be very honest i dont' know if I should do this as a dairy or just as the way it is. so this is it

I’m lost, I dont know who I am. I lost her and im scared I will never find her again. I have always been so confident in everything I do but now im scared of everything and everyone. I feel I have so much expectation, so much things is counted on me and I don’t understand how I will ever get it done. When I was little I was always happy never sad but now I am sad every day and I don’t understand why. Everyone keeps saying there’s something with you but tbvh there is something with me, all over me I don’t know who I am, I became a follower instead of a leader. I always like getting things my way, I changed so much and in a bad way, everything is a struggle for me. I play so much music to help make me happy but it makes me sadder because it’s a sad song. My name is Winnie and tbvh Winnie means “Blessed peace; fair reconciliation; white and smooth; soft; happiness; fair and pure”. Its basically everything I’m not.... I feel I hate myself because everyone around me hates me and now I just don’t know if I can be this fake person who pretends everything is fine, or the person who acts she is everything because I know everything isnt fine, I know im not everything ppl want......... Im done with acting like this.... I don’t understand please tell me...

Winnie xx

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