Winnie Resigns

everything is about is My story, is real thoughts, experience


5. I'm Done

Dear Diary,

Tbvh, I'm hurting myself because its weird I still think about him. I drake to songs and shii. Like I don’t hate him cause I still do want him. I don’t have a problem with him beside how he hurt me and called me a slut that hurt more than anything it will take forever for me to get over thhe fact he did that and lied to me saying its just us when he told u guys he always had a girl but when we were on calls or text he promises it was just me n him tbvh, I think I do hate myself and ik I do Imma be very honest right now, Im kinda annoy like not jealous but the way heh is talking to her it just all fuckboy way but when it was me and him idk we told fully truth with no lies. I ended the friendship cause I knew if i kept talking to him about problems and he told me his, and I found out he had a girlfriend or something it would hurt me so baddd so I just couldn’t/ cant be friends with him, he thinks I hate and everything but the truth is I don’t I just want time to get over him and I probably cant be friends because the feelings would come back. So.. tbvh im just Idk, everyone keeps asking me whats wrong, and IDK, I am the problem I don’t know what is wrong..... im just damage and hurt all over and I cant be fixed or anything, its deep no matter what imma always have that part of me. Its nothing to do with him honestly, I have hated myself since grade 5 and its cause I got bullied for being black, being me and that just changed me forever so that’s how I lost myself and I don’t know if I will ever get it back but I don’t know if I will try cause im done

Winnie xx

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