Winnie Resigns

everything is about is My story, is real thoughts, experience



Dear Diary,

I can't believe they told, they told the teacher at my school. Silvana, Akour and Sandra. they went behind my back and told. How could they do that, like i already talked to my mum and we weree talking about everything, she was talking to me about it and we were sorting it all out, but they just made it worse. I cant trust them again, I told them were not friends, Im done with you all,I blocked them on everything. I dont even consider them as a friend anymore, I hate them so much. HONEST TO GOD I HATE THEM. Im not even going to say/do anything.. I DIDNT DO ANYTHING I LEFT THEM all ALONE, I sat with different people and tbvh don't with everything and everyone. I'm never good enough

Winnie xx

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