Winnie Resigns

everything is about is My story, is real thoughts, experience


4. Describe yourself

Dear Dairy  


The task was to describe yourself in front of the mirror to see how you view yourself.... So, I did it and this is what I think of myself.  To be honest, when I look at myself in the mirror I don’t like anything, I see. I feel like a big fat hippo; I feel as if I am the reason the world is falling. I feel I gotta disappear for it to float again. I hate my face, I don’t like nothing about it, from head to toe I hate everything about myself. I hate my skin tone the most, I feel I am as black as the road and when I walk on the road I disappear.... everytime someone gives me a complement I don’t believe it; I know every inch of them is lying just to make me feel better... but I say “thank you” anyways to be polite. At times I feel I do get jealous cause, everyone has the perfect size, weight, shape, boobs, hair, eyes, height and everything I want but can never get, I know your meant to love yourself and everything but I just can’t, I hate myself and everything about me makes me depressed and sad and hurts me all over. People keep asking me what wrong? Are you okay tbvh Idk whats wrong, Idek what being “okay” is Im not sure if I am, Idk. Im tired of people asking me a question I don’t know. I just want to restart again with a different look, different name and everything different. No memory of anything or anyone. Im sick of this world and life. I’m tired. Im done and Im out

Winnie xx

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