What would your perfect world be like?
What would it be like for these four teenagers?


2. Of Bad Counsellors and Good Boyfriends



“Kaze, you simply cannot keep talking back to your teachers like this! It is extremely rude and disrespectful and…”

Oh my god, would you just shut up? I resisted the urge to roll my eyes as the teacher – sorry, guidance counsellor – droned on and on about my bad behaviour and why it’s bad and why I need to behave better and blah blah blah…

I’d heard this speech so many times before. Every time I backchat a teacher, every time I give them a piece of my mind, every time someone pisses me off and I get the blame for being the only sane person on this goddamn Earth, I get the same speech. Respect your teachers and your classmates, don’t be rude, don’t break anything, et cetera, et cetera…

The thing is, I don’t like a lot of people, and a lot of people don’t like me. I hate people that demand respect they haven’t earned, therefore leading to my extreme dislike of most teachers. I’m only rude to people that are rude to me. What goes around comes around, as they say.

Don’t break anything? Oh please, I have to let my frustration out on something, and people should just be glad it’s not their face.

The bell rang for lunch, and with a glare the counsellor told me that I wasn’t through with just yet.

“Kaze, why do you keep ending up here?” she sighed, exasperated. Honey, you have no idea.

“Because I don’t like some people,” I said truthfully, “and some people just refuse to leave me alone.”

The counsellor sighed. “Well, if you’re here again this week, I’ll have to give you a suspension.” Good, please do that. “Go to lunch.”

I nodded and stood up, scooping my books into my arms. I left the office and walked out into the hallway to a familiar face that I was grateful to see.

Sasuke looked at me silently, and I did roll my eyes. “Kaze, sooner or later all this is going to come back around,” he began, but I cut him off.

“Shut up, Sasuke,” I said, but I couldn’t help a tiny smile. “I’ve heard it all before.”

He raised an eyebrow and I shook my head, and we started walking down the hall towards our lockers.

“What happened after I left?” I asked.

“To be honest, everyone was trying not to laugh at sensei,” he replied. “You really gave him everything in there.”

“Nothing he didn’t have coming.”

“True. Even Mari was having a hard time keeping a straight face.”

I turned to him. “Really?”

“Yeah. Nobody likes him. Actually, Naruto was making strange noises while trying not to laugh, so much that sensei sent him out into the hall.”

“No way.” I was grinning now as we reached our lockers. A few people had given us odd looks in the hallways, and I’d received the usual glares from Sakura and Ino & Co. because I was walking with Uchiha Sasuke, the most popular guy in school.

Are they serious? Sasuke and I had been dating for nearly seven months, and they were still obsessed with him. Well, Sakura was anyway. Ino had recently turned her sights to Sai, the new student. Poor Sakura, getting her poor fragile heart broken. Stupid fangirls.

I shoved my books into my messy locker, not caring about anything – where my books went, the next class, food, nothing. It could all go to hell, in my opinion. I leaned my forehead against the lockers and sighed.

Sasuke slipped his hand into mine and squeezed it gently. “You’re hopeless,” he said softly.

I tilted my head to look at him and raised an eyebrow. His eyes, hard and cold to anyone else, looked soft and warm. They looked like they were inviting me home. I gave him a small smile.

“And you’re a jerk,” I shot back, but there was a fondness I couldn’t keep out of my voice.

He used his grip on my hand to pull me towards him and he wrapped his arms around my waist. “You love me,” he teased.

In turn, I hooked my hands together behind his back. “Fortunately for you,” I said, smirking, and he smiled. I leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. When I leaned back he chased me, and I laughed. “Come on, hotshot,” I giggled. “Let’s go find people.”

He rolled his eyes as I took his hand and lead him down the hallway.

As we walked, we talked about little things. He asked me about what was happening at home. I told him that my mother’s self-defense classes were going well, and a lot of women and girls had signed up.  I told him about how Kakashi was thinking of coming back to help her out once he graduated from university, and how my father was recovering from another bout of depression. It was always going to be touch for him and it always would be, but my mother was always there with her meals and her love to help him through it. I would always be there when I could, and Kakashi came home for every holiday to be with us too.

He told me about his parent’s work in the police force and how they were going to come to the school to give a presentation on working in the force and how to get there. They were going to give out information about what subjects you needed to study, what fitness levels you needed to have, and what training you would go through at the Police Academy. He himself was looking to join the police force after he left school, and he sounded excited. To any other person, he sounded bored and had his usual I-Don’t-Care-About-Anything attitude going on, but I could see past all of that. Sasuke let me see the small things.

That’s why I love him.


Fiery anger.

A village that I love.

Fear of losing what I love.

Lightning curling around his hand.

Blood spattering the concrete.

Sasuke standing over me.

I don’t understand.


His distorted voice, saying my name. “I... Kaze … sorry.”

“Kaze? Are you okay?” Sasuke’s voice was filled to the brim with concern. “Hey, talk to me.”

I blinked and looked over at him. His dark eyes were looking only at me. “What?” I asked dumbly. “What’s wrong?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” he said. “Are you alright?”

It was then that I realised I was leaning against the wall. He was holding my upper arm in a tight grip, one that almost hurt. I blinked a few more times as the world slowly tilted itself the right way up. “Yeah,” I said, and then smiled at him. “Yeah, I’m fine. It was just a dizzy spell, I think. I’m good.” I stood up and took his hand again. “Come on; let’s go find Mari and the others.”

I could feel his cautious and concerned gaze on me for the rest of the day.

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