To the Rescue

Just a random blurb, I don't know if its going anywhere


1. Ravioli

“And scene,” Ed stated, cutting off a small wiry girl in the middle of a dialogue we had already run through about seventy five times. Man he is one tough director, i’m fairly certain that little girl is shaking...


“Cassia,” he started, calling me by my full name, “i’m just not feeling any emotion when you speak your lines... is anything wrong?”


Yes. YOUR STANDARD IS TOO HIGH. We have run through these lines a billion times without fault and you are still not satisfied, i thought to myself.


“No, everything is fine sir,” i told him, “just a little worn out from our long rehearsal.”


Lie. You know what else is wrong? I’m wearing layers upon layers of makeup. So much, that it feels as though someone has put concrete on my face. I may be playing a grandma, but that doesn’t mean the makeup lady, Jane (she is a wonderful woman, i really love her), needs to make me look like a dinosaur.


“Well, i believe we are just about finished anywho,” Ed responded, drawing me out of my thoughts, “why don’t you leave early so you can rest up. The rest of us will finish cleaning.”


“Thanks, Ed,” I smiled gratefully. Despite his harsh attitude, Ed is actually a pretty nice guy if you don’t push his buttons and i made sure not to do that. He definitely treats us better than most directors do…


Switching to more pleasant thoughts, i hopped off the stage and barged through the double doors leading to the outside world as quickly as possible.


Fresh air.


After being cooped up in a stuffy theater for God knows how long, it felt nice to have something other than dust, sweat, and fear to breath. I noticed the funny stares being given to me by the people walking down the street. Soon, I realized that in my haste to leave my temporary prison, I had forgotten to remove my makeup and therefore, still looked like a seventy five year-old woman. I started thinking, i really only have two options here. Go back in to remove my makeup and risk looking stupid in front of everyone there OR use this to my advantage. I decided upon the latter of the two.


Time for a bit of method acting, i told myself, be the grandma, feel the grandma… no… thats a little strange… just, act like a grandma.


I strolled into a restaurant that i had been dying to go to for weeks. Once there, a kind lady seated me right away and proceeded to tell me about all the deals i could get as a “senior citizen”.


The waitress continued to speak, “I must say ma’am, you act awfully young for someone of your age.”


As soon as i was about to respond, i noticed a commotion outside. It was quite the curious sight, a whole mob of adolescent teenage girls, no older than me, seemed to be swarming a blond lad who was curled up on the floor in a ball. I wished there was something i could do, but there was no way that throng of girls would listen to me.


If only I were older, then they would have to listen to me…


I suddenly remembered my appearance at the moment and decided to do something foolish. I would pretend to be that poor boy’s grandmother!!


Wow Cass, my thoughts chided, took you long enough.


Sighing i stood up and shuffled in the way the elderly do towards the door. Trying not to hyperventilate myself, as i wasn't one for crowds, I eased my way outside and slowly made my way to the center of the mob.


One there i quietly called out, “Excuse me, but if you wouldn't mind, i would love it you would make a pathway for me and my grandson.” To my great surprise, they did and i was able to drag Blondie through the now silent group of girls towards my car. I sat him inside and he buckled without a problem while i walked around to the drivers side. Still not looking at him once, i drove straight to my house- which, luckily, wasn't that far from the restaurant- and dragged him inside. I finally turned and was surprised with what met my eye. A chiseled jaw, a fit body, beautiful hair, and sparkling blue eyes that were filled with tears, worry, and fear.


Good job, Cass. You’ve managed to scare the only hot guy you have ever had in your house in a matter of two seconds.


“Hello,” i spoke in my normal-not-grandmother voice, “my name is Cassia, what’s your name?”


He stared at me funny. Oops, forgot i’m still a grandma.


I put my finger up to his mouth just as he was about to speak, “Hold that thought. I’ll be right back.”


I shot off towards the bathroom and quickly swept of all my makeup, put on my usual amount, and threw my hair in a quick braid. Then, i ran to my bedroom and put on a pair of leggings and an oversized t-shirt.


While looking in the mirror i sighed, This will have to do.

I marched out and looked for the boy. He was sitting on the couch still curled up into a ball with a faraway look on his face.


“Now where were we?” i questioned. This seemed to snap him out of whatever he was doing and he looked up at me. The only word i can use to describe his face?: Stunned Did i have something on my face? Gosh he probably noticed how ugly i looked…


“I believe we were at introductions… I’m Cassia Rose Jones. Now What’s your name?” He seemed surprised that i didn’t already know but i brushed this off.


“Niall James Horan,” he whispered.


“Its nice to meet your acquaintance. Would you mind giving me your phone?” He did so hesitantly after me begging for several minutes and within seconds i was dialing the first name on the favorites list.


“Thank God you’re alright!” a male voice screamed through the phone.


“Umm, hello,” i muttered, “ i’m not quite sure who you are but your friend got mobbed and he is at my house.” Wow, real smooth. There was silence on the other line.


“...Ok… Can you text me your address?” I texted it to him and heard him groan.


“I cant get there for about three hours.”


“Alright…” i trailed off, not knowing what to say.


“Would you mind keeping him there until i come?”


“Not at all,” i replied, “though he is still very quiet, hasn't spoken more than three words to me… is there something wrong with him?”


“Well you said he got mobbed right? Obviously you’re not a fan otherwise you would know he is afraid of crowds and know what to do…” he explained, “but you should just basically comfort him. But be warned he gets really clingy when he is like this.”


“Got it,” i confirmed, “i’ll see whoever you are in about three hours.”


“It’s Harry Styles, love.” and then he hung up.


I turned and sat close to the boy on the couch. I guess i have to comfort him? I was just thinking of a way to do this when i was ultimately attacked in a hug. His head was nestled into my shoulder and it truly felt like he was holding on to me for dear life and I gotta admit, my heart was about to leap out of my chest.


Dang, this guy know how to hug… Now that just weird Cass.


We just sat there like that- his head nestled into my neck and his arms around my waist while i just soothingly rubbed his back and played with his hair- until i felt him ease up and start to breath normally. He unwrapped himself from me and shifted over so we were at opposite ends of the couch.


“Jeez, you must really be afraid of crowds,” I started rambling, as i had no idea what to do, “I mean, i’m petrified of huge crowds- which is ironic since i’m a performer- but even i don’t go into shock like that. Not to say you’re a wimp or anything cause i mean you’re not. Or at least you don’t look like you are but i really can’t tell ‘cause you can’t judge a book by its cover. If we judging books by their covers, though, you would be the most gorgeously handsome book i’ve ever seen and believe me, i love books.” I realized what i said after i had said it and the boy just looked amused.


Trying to cover it up, i asked him a question, “Are you hungry?”


His eyes sparked up and spoke in the loudest voice i’ve yet heard from him, “Yes!!”


“Well good, i’m going to make us ravioli,” i stated, and with that i left him sitting on the couch.




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