Our love in the shadows

Isaiah and Megan one day were the best of friends and they were super close one day she fell for him and he fell for her what happens when things take a turn for the worst. *carve the Mark Writing competition* *Forbidden love category*


2. Chapter two

Isiah's P.O.V

Time was going by so quickly seems like yesterday I came into this school and made new friends, these people who I now consider friends are very nice and sweet I care for them like I did back at my old school. Here their ain't many country people and that's sad I'm the only one other than Richmond who is some what country. I think most people here are pretty darn nice except for a couple of people who act shitty. That girl who looked my way on the first day of school is very nice her name is Megan and she was shy as fuck her best friend is Shay and she's a nice girl as well. I was pulled out of my thoughts fairly quickly when Megan came up to me and said "hey Isaiah how ya' doin'" I said " I'm doing mighty fine and you how ya' doin youself?" She replied "I'm doing pretty darn good" We continued our conversation for a while after that and then she had to go back to her seat or else our teacher would scold her much like my momma would if I misbehaved in class. It was time for break and we all got up pretty fast if you ask me, I walked over to where Megan, Shay, and Beth, and Richmond we all talked and joked around it was pretty fun hangin with these peeps" I was opening up to them and that made me happy I was sure these people are gonna be some of my great friends.


Megan's P.O.v

Isaiah was a pretty nice guy he was sweet and caring and I knew that he would be one of my great friends hopefully all throughout Junior High and high school. He was a country boy very southern I might add he knew how to act around girls and how to respect them. He was raised by a very respectful lady, because he was a very respectful guy. I walked over to him for a few minutes and said "Hey Isaiah how ya' doin?" He replied "I'm doing might fine how ya' don yourself?" In that southern accent I loved so much It was cute I replied "I'm doing pretty darn good" our conversation went on like that for quite a while and then I had to go sit before our teacher got me in trouble. It was break time and me and all of my friends went towards our usual hangout spot and we laughed and joked around it was pretty nice and I liked it, the bell rang too soon for my liking, because that means I would have to be away from Isaiah and I think I'm starting to like him. I wouldn't never dream of tellin him, but maybe in the future I just might.

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