Our love in the shadows

Isaiah and Megan one day were the best of friends and they were super close one day she fell for him and he fell for her what happens when things take a turn for the worst. *carve the Mark Writing competition* *Forbidden love category*


3. Chapter Three


Present time

Isaiah's P.O.V

Two years have gone by ever since I came to this school system and honestly I like this place and the people here. I made lost more friends over the course of two years Megan, Beth, Richmond, Shay, Noah, Eli, and Nick the are some of the nicest people I've met. I'm in high school finally my brother can't say that I'm a little kid no more cause I ain't. This year I finally get to take a class named JROTC it's pretty cool considering that I wanna go into the Marine Corps once I graduate. Megan walked up to me and said "Sup' Isaiah how was your summer do anything interesting?" I replied "Nah not really nothin much" It looked like she was about to ask or say something else but didn't get to, because suddenly Richmond appeared and said "Yello" I replied "Yello Richy" and he said "Isaiah I gotta talk to you" I replied "Alright, see ya Megan" and then left with Richmond. Richmond confronted me and said "you like her don't you?" I replied "Who, me like Megan? Nah you're dreaming must be the lack of sleep that's talkin right now" he replied "Man I know you so damn well and I can tell you like her it's been two years and you haven't spoke up you haven't told her shit you better hurry your ass up and tell her or else Mason will get her first you and I both know that he likes her, now get your head outta your rear end and tell her." I replied "you're right Richmond, but I can't bring myself to do it what if I end up ruining our friendship?" Richmond gave me a look that I knew too damn well and it meant quit being a muthafuckin pussy and step your game up I sighed and then walked off.


Megan's P.O.V

I was a little bit weirded out when Richmond pulled Isaiah aside he had never done that before and it was weird we all usually talked about everything and anything without a care we trusted each other, I don't understand. Isaiah was walking back towards where I was and I smiled instantly being in love with my best friend for two years war hard, but I had to overcome it and make sure he didn't know. As he was getting closer to where I was the bell rang I cursed under my breath "Fucking hell" as I wouldn't get to ask him what him and Richmond talked about. I walked to home room and to my surprise we had the same homeroom he walked in behind me and sat beside me I looked at him and said "What did you and Richmond talk about" He looked at me and said "Nuthin just country things and some plans for this weekend why?" I replied no reason really Just wondering. He looked away and I knew then that somethin was wrong. 

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