A pirates tale

Come join a princess that refuses the crown and sails through the sea's with the one she loves, but danger lies ahead for the young lover's


2. Night

The cool night air went through her hair. Today's the day.

She got out of bed and put a clothing around herself. It went from her head to her feet. It covered her face that way they won't see her. She was wearing something simple that way she won't have to worry about what she is wearing along the way.

She hears a knock on her door. "Princess are you ready?" asked a kind voice.

The princess turned around to see her friend. She nodded. She went for her bag and went to the door.


A song was in her head the whole time they were hiding, waiting for the midnight bell.

It goes something like this.

Times ahead are filling with dread, tears have spilled as thoughts could not send.

As the sun shows a burning love, burning love just for you.

See your strengths and faults lied within yourself.

Once you let your passion flow, you'll know.

Little one! Do not be afraid.

Follow on, and show them you are brave!

Break the wave that has pushed you back

go on the dawn shall crack

There are vows we shall never know, from long times ago.

Go ahead and bring forth the day!

Her thoughts were interrupted with a loud bang!

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