A pirates tale

Come join a princess that refuses the crown and sails through the sea's with the one she loves, but danger lies ahead for the young lover's


1. A fairy tale lore



Legend has it that if a princess refuses her crown,

then she is cursed.

Cursed and banned from the kingdom.

If she were to fall in love.

Everyone and everything she knows is doomed.

A darkness will lore her and her comrades to a dark end.

But, will love win in the end? 



She was walking down the hall with her beautiful silk dress. It had a long bottom that went to her feet, her dress was a lovely color of light pink. At the bottom it had beautiful pink cherry blossoms. But not even the silk dress could hold the candle to her beauty.

Her name was Alpina Gleamingmace. She has beautiful hazel golden eyes. They looked like pure gold shining in the warmth of the sunlight. Her golden-brown locks of hair went down to her waist. Her smooth pale skin shined in the light. She was no other than the Princess herself!

She was walking to the throne room. Tomorrow was her big day. She was going to be crown the Queen of Orteta Kingdom.

She didn't want to. She looked at one of her friends. "Tonight." Princess Alpina mouthed.

Her friend nodded. Alpina nodded back. Who will I leave the throne to? My little sister? She's still to young. Well that isn't my problem.

She went into the throne room. There was gold every where. And the curtains made of the most beautiful silk you can ever see. She looked in front of her. Her mother and father was there.

"Tomorrow is your big day. Isn't it my Princess?" he Queen asked. She too had the same golden color eyes as her daughter. Her skin was white and her hair was starting to turn white.

She closed her eyes talking a deep breath. "Yes mother." She smiled.

She then left the throne room after bowing to her parents.

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