Never Let go

A young girl named Sasha gets dared to kiss the Hottest guy in school can she make it through life with a new reputation and a New boyfriend.


1. Dare

"Truth or dare" Kat said with a devilish look in her eyes.

"Dare of course" I say ready for what ever she was planning.

"Keith Madison" she said with a  short pause

"Are you talking about the Captain of the Football team Coolest guy in school SUPER HOT Keith Madison"

Yep, Tomorrow second period Keith walks right pass the science lab I dare you to make out with him. And not  just a little KISS. I mean full blown make out session." Kat said smirking


"A dares a dare you have to do it. No turning back"

She was right, I could not go back on a dare. No matter how much I desperately wanted to. I stood up from the kissy face emoji pillow I was sitting on. How ironic. Looking around the room at all the girls staring up at me tears began to form in my eyes.

"I have to go talk to you tomorrow. A Dare is a Dare Right Kat" I grabbed my coat and my backpack and walked out the door into the cold winter night. I slowly made my way through town thinking of all the ways that I could hide and escape from my terrible horrible life. There was no way of escaping the death and suffering of my high school reputation.


"You can do this girl. You are Sasha Coleman the greatest girl and best friend I could ever have I'm here for you. This can't be a total blood feast." 

"I love you Mia but you give the worst pep talks". I said to my best friend.

"It's what I do best" she said as she nudge me toward the science lab."Go get him girl" she said with a giggle.

The dreadful day has come. I walk toward assassination. Out of the corner of my eye I see Kat and her Pose with their phones up pointing at me.Now I could re watch my life going down the drain. Just as I was going to walk away Keith turned the corner and started to walk toward me. Smiling and waving to everyone as he walked down the hall it was like he was walking in slow motion his hair moving slightly. Just as he was about to pass me I stepped in front of him. 

"Hi" he said looking down into my eyes

"Hey, Ummm your not going to get this at all but I'll explain later."

What are you - " before he could finish I lifted my self up on my toes and pressed my lips against his. He stumbled a little feeling a little more relaxed after  few seconds and moved his hands to my waist and pulled me closer to his body.

"That's My girl" Yelled Mia across the hall after about a minute of us kissing. I pulled away and began to laugh quietly. 

"That was random" Whispered Keith as he looked around at all the awestruck students staring at us. 

"Yeah I'm sorry it's just your friendly game of Truth or dare."

"No need to be sorry" said Keith smiling "I actual need help with Mr. Fitch's math class room 209. Could you by any chance tutor me.

"Yeah sure, How about after school my house." I said trying to hold in my smile. He took a piece of paper from his notebook and wrote down his number.He slipped it in the top part of my book bag. He looked up everyone still staring.

"We should all go to class Now." Keith said with a smile. It was like everyone was snapping out of a trance or a Day dream. Everyone mumbling about what they just saw. Keith smiled at me and went  on his way. After he turned the corner Mia ran up me. 

"OH MY GAWD. How I would love to be you right now. 

All I could do was smile.



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