The second Potter

It is the if Harry had a twin. Her name is Courtney. She was with Dumbledore at first then adored by the Dursley's. When she goes to Hogwarts much happens.


2. Meeting Harry and the Dursleys

        Courtney's P.O.V 

            " Dumbledore why do I have to leave Hogwarts?" I asked 

           " This is so you will be safe. Also do not tell Harry he is a wizard" said Dumbledore as we walked to Hogsmead. 

           " Why"

           "He must find out on his own once he receives his letter. Now lets go."

           We suddenly apperated. I hated it. We were on Privet Drive and started walking down the street. We reached number 4. Dumbledore gave me a note told me to give it to the Dursleys. He rang the door bell said goodbye and left.  

          Aunt Petunia  answered read letter then let out a scream. 

           "I thought you died!" she exclaimed. 

           She lead me inside brought me up stairs and brought me to a room. 

          " This will be your room." She said. 

          "Okay Aunt Petunia" I replied. 



          "Hi you must be Harry. I'm Courtney your sister."

          We did not look much alike. He had messy black hair like our dad while I had red hair like our mom.  We both had our moms eyes. Also a lightening scar on our foreheads.

           "Hi Courtney" he said timidly.    


        Guys I am not that great at spelling so please do not hate

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