The Adventure of a Life Time


1. The Discovery

They say everyone who looks into their family history will find a secret sooner or later. My secret was hard to find, but I had help from fellow family members. My name is Ruby and I am 14 years old and a soon to be ….. umm I'm not quite sure what I really want to do yet. I live with my mom, dad and my sister Ariel who is 10. it all started when I was in school one day and I had to do a history project on an old family member I never knew anything about. I can't stand history. My friend and I went to the library after school to do some research. I could not find anything til my friend gave me a book with my moms maiden name on the cover. It was about one of my relatives from the 1600's. He actually served in World War II. This book made me more interested in my family tree. I do not participate in much other than Soccer and playing baseball with my dad and older guy cousins. So I started to look more into the topic and about my moms heritage and where my family originated from. After some research I discovered that mostly the whole family lived in Dublin, Ireland in the exact same town. All the guys served in the military. I connected most of the links of families but I couldn't find one. It was during the time of 1641 when a rebellion was going on. My some how uncle our cousin married and never had children but the line kept going as they did have a child but unknown to the documents. I decided to put this stuff away for now and go talk to my cousin Asher about it. Asher is the closest friend I have and a family member I can actually trust. My friend from school left a while ago so I walked home by myself distracted by my thoughts. I got home around ten at night and passed out in bed. I woke up around midnight and not able to fall back asleep. I wanted to fined out about how it was possible that I missed someone on the chart and why he or she was not documented. I sat in bed staring at the ceiling until an idea popped into my head. It was a crazy idea but it stuck with me till morning. I was going to wake up bright and early to go talk to Asher. Tell him everything. Even if he thinks I am crazy he will agree.

The sun is bright and shining through my window straight to my face. It was Saturday morning and I was going to see Ash. He will be leaving for soccer practice soon so I have to hurry. I ran to Asher's house and had breakfast with his adorable little sister also my cousin and my aunt who made the most exquisite food I have ever had. I approach the pale house and see two cars still parked in the driveway. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a 17 year old with blue eyes and dirty blond hair ready to leave for his practice. I ran in for a hug.

Asher- ooh, Ruby! Nice to see you too! Not to be mean but why exactly are you here?

Ruby- I have the craziest idea.

Asher- oh great. What your plan now, go to mars!?

Ruby- not Quite.

All I saw from Ash was a very confused look to what I had said. He didn't know what he was getting himself into. Yet again I am dragging him in sooo. I asked him if he was all set to leave for practice. I would tell him my devious plan after practice so he has time to neglect me then go along with it because he loves me. He goes inside, grabs his soccer ball, bag and keys and then we were ready to go. His practice lasted for two hours. I just sat there the whole time. Practice was finally over and I told him everything. He just looked at my like I had ten heads.

Ruby- what? Don't you love it?

Asher- You are crazy. Underline crazy.

Ruby- I know but come on! I think its worth a shot.

Asher- how do you think you will manage sneaking away to Dublin, Ireland which I may remind you is a three hour drive with out your parents finding out.

Ruby- well... I have a favorite cousin who can drive.... and has a car..... and is.... oh I don't know maybe you!

Asher- what! no... no way am I going to get involved in your crazy ideas anymore!

Ruby- pleeeaaasse!?!?

Asher didn't budge so I decided to do the one thing he absolutely hates. When Ash said no I grabbed his soccer ball out of his hands and started to run away dribbling the ball. It took him a second to process what just happened but he eventually started to chase after me.

Asher- hey! Ruby, give me my ball back!

Ruby- say yes and its yours.

Asher- no. ….but I can steal it back.

Ash came charging at me and that was my sign to run away as fast as I could. I knew it wouldn't last long because Ash is so much faster than me and I am dribbling a ball. He came up behind me and grabbed my waist pulling me back. I fought my hardest to get away but his grip was tight.

Ruby- hey! no fair, FOUL!!

Asher- sorry, the referee is not looking.

He pulled me in close to him and we both crashed to the ground. We were both dying laughing but Ash overcame me and pinned me down to the ground.

Asher- if I say yes will you stop stealing my soccer ball from me?

Ruby- is that a yes!?

Asher- you know I still have you pinned down right?

Ruby- so..... what

Asher- oh, you know exactly what. You take my weakness I take yours.

Ruby- ….you wouldn't Ash!


OK, so Asher pinned me down to the grass and is literally on top of me. He knew me since I was born and knows everything about me including my flaws and weaknesses. Sooooo he starts to tickle my stomach with a huge grin on his face enjoying every minute of it.

Asher- Give up Ruby?


I wanted to get him back so bad for that but I couldn't. He still had me pinned down and he is so much stronger then me. He let me loose and ran his hand through his hair like he was going to regret something.

Asher- OK fine.

Ruby- what really!?

Asher- whats life without a little risk?

Ruby- you know I love you cuz.

Asher- I know. …. love you too.

So Ash and I went back to his house to ask his mom if we could go on a weekend trip together. Ash asked and when they said no I jumped in and said it will be a good bonding experience because Ash is leaving for college soon. It took them time to think about it but after dinner the agreed on three days. I was so thrilled because Ash and I never hang out any more and this was sure to be a great experience together. After dinner I went home to talk to my mom about it as well. She didn't agree right away but after giving it some thought also said yes. I texted Ash and he told me he would be over around eight in the morning. I went straight to my room and packed. I also had to finish my weekend homework because I wasn't going to do it when I came back. I was up till 11:45 and passed out around midnight.

It was eight o'clock in the morning when my mom hears the doorbell ring. I was still fast asleep. My mom got the door and it was Asher coming over to pick me up. My mom said i was still sleeping but he can go up and get me up for breakfast. So Asher came upstairs like a mouse and slowly opened my door trying mot to wake me up. He crept over to my bed side, crawled on top of my bed and started pouncing on me yelling “WAKE UP WAKE UP!” drops down on me and sits on top of my legs.

Ruby- what was that for!!

Asher- I said I was coming over at 8, and right now its 8:05.

Ruby- Oh My Gosh I am FIVE minutes late what EVER shall I do?

Asher- stop being sarcastic and get dressed. Your mom has breakfast.

Ruby- fine.

Asher- better hurry before I eat all your breakfast as well!

With that Asher ran out of my room. I got up and threw on some shorts and a t-shirt with my sneakers. I fixed y hair , grabbed my bag and headed down stairs. My mom was making pancakes which smelled so good. Asher and Ariel were sitting at the bar eating and drinking orange juice. My mom hands me a plate as I sit down next to Asher and says “morning sweety.”

Asher- so are you ready?

Ruby- totally!

Ariel- can I go too?

Ruby- I would love you to go but..... you have a dance rehearsal tomorrow you can't miss.

Mom- sorry hun but maybe next time.

Ariel goes running up to her room and Ash and I leave. I kiss my mom goodbye and tell her that I will be back on Monday. Asher grabs my bag and o get my phone and sunglasses and we head out. Asher's car is an small gray car in great shape. Its a newer car so you can plug your phone in and listen to music that way. Asher and I have very different taste in music so we mostly fought about what to play. We compromised and put on today's hits. The car ride took three hours with like ten pit stops for Ash because he was hungry had to use the bathroom low on gas or just to annoy me. We finally arrived in Dublin and stayed at a hotel right across the street from Delphi Village where all my family once lived. Ash and I got out of the car in the hotel parking lot and something was off about the place. The hotel looked as if it was an abandon building with vines creeping up the side of the building. I grasp Ashers arm just in case. There were no other cars and as we walk through the front doors it looks like a Halloween themed hotel. The man working the front desk stared us down as we approached the front desk. He had an eye patch on his eye and his clothes looked like they haven't been washed in months. He asked our names and then gave us our key. As we walked away he said in a very mysterious voice to enjoy our stay. Asher and I just slowly backed away to the elevator. We both looked at each other and ran to the stairs up to our room. We bolted to the room and then locked the door behind us. Asher stood with his back to the door.


Asher- I think we are safe....for now.

Ruby- I feel like I'm being watched or something is going to pop through the walls and take me away!

Asher- it's not just me! That front desk man scared the crap out of me. He looks like a pirate but don't turn your back on him. He might just possess you.

Ruby- shut up Ash!

It was late but we both picked our beds and decided to hit the books and research tomorrow. I saw across in the village a huge library and a town hall which should have all the records of who was registered into the town. Ash said he saw a pool down stairs and thought we could go for a swim. I was uncertain at first until Ash said that there is a rare chance that I would ever be able to say that I went swimming in a pool in a haunted house with ghosts. I laughed at his statement and agreed on going with him. He went into the bathroom to change and I just changed in the main room. I was half changed until a noise came from outside the door. I jumped and then heard a loud bang then I screamed. Ash came running out of the bathroom in his swimsuit to see what was wrong.

Asher- Ruby are you ok?!

Ruby (scream) Ash!

Asher- oh sorry but I heard you scream!

Ruby- close your eyes for a minute!

Asher- can I open my eyes now?

Ruby- one sec

Asher was standing next to the bed with his hand over his eyes. I was finally dressed and slowly walked over to his side. I pushed him onto his bed pinning him down.

Ruby- now you can open them.

Asher- (sighs) get off me

Ruby- whats the magic word?

Asher- please get off me.

Ruby- fine.

I get off him smiling and helping him back up. Then I heard the same noise back outside the door and we both jumped. I jumped and hugged Asher's waist with fright. He just laughs at my reaction and slowly goes to open the door. He slowly opens the door and then he yells “OMG what the hell is that!!”

Ruby- oh my god what did you see?!

Asher- oh wait its just my shadow.

Ruby- I hate you!

With that I chuck a pillow at him for scaring the crap out of me. He throws it back and motions for me to come down to the pool with him. We were heading around the corner the man at the front desk man startled us.

Asher- oh hello.

Desk man- I see you go to pool?

Asher umm yeah. Why?

Desk man- oh its just... well never mind. Enjoy the stay.

The man left and when he turned the corner Ash and I looked at each other laughing and ran away to the pool. Ash ran in front of me and when I entered the pool area I lost him. He jumped out from the corner and scared me half to death. I punched him in the arm. He gave me that your going to pay look. He grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. He throws me into the water laughing at me. I pretended that I was drowning so he would jump in to save me. We had a lot of fun just acting like kids again. We stayed down there for an hour then headed back up to our room. We both took turns using the bathroom and then went into our beds.

Ruby- hey Asher?

Asher- yeeess?

Ruby- are you...scared?

Asher- About?

I got out of my bed to go talk to Asher. I went to sit in his bed and got cozy.

Ruby- well, I mean, you are leaving for college soon. Life is going by so fast. I feel like just the other day we were five playing together at the park with a soccer ball.

Asher- I know. I am actually scared of growing up sometimes. I wish things could just slow down. I am so caught up in school and college applications and the scholarships I never get to have actual fun anymore.

Ruby- That is also who I wanted you to come with me on this trip.

Asher- I thought you wanted to do more research on your history project?

Ruby- yeah like I would drive three hours just for a history project. I never see you anymore

Asher- we see each other all the time.

Ruby- passing by me in school with your friends doesn't count.

Asher- fine. You always take me on these crazy adventures and some how we end up almost dying or losing someone along the way.

Ruby- yeah, but you love doing them right?

Asher- if I didn't would I be here in a haunted house with you?

Ruby- good point.

Asher- spending time with you makes me feel like a kid again. Not having any responsibilities. Now go to bed its late and we need to leave before the desk man poisons our breakfast.

Ruby- funny. Night Ash

Asher- night

Morning comes and the clock says 7:45. Asher wasn't in his bed or in the bathroom. I started to worry a little but I got dresses so I could go find him. I threw my hair into a ponytail, grabbed my phone and headed out the door. Breakfast wasn't going to be served for another 15 minutes so I check the pool but he wasn't there so I go to the gym and there he was on the treadmill. My heart slowly went back to normal and I just stood in the door until he noticed me. I startled him and he stops running. He dried off and grabbed all his things he took down with him.

Asher- how long have you been standing there?

Ruby- three minutes.

Asher- I didn't even see you come in.

Ruby- shall we go to breakfast?

Asher- lets head up stairs first then we can.

Ash and I walked through the halls to our room and then head back don stairs for breakfast. I was starving and I can imagine so was Asher. We went down stairs and Ash got our breakfast and I grabbed a table.. not that it was hard. No one was there. When we finished we went over to the library. The village was busier then yesterday. It took us five minutes to reach the library. The town was just as creepy as the hotel. Everyone wore dark clothes and there was no color what so ever. Nothing looked like it was taken care of and everyone moved very slow. Ash and I got to the library and found a spot to read and find books we might need. Ash found a book from 1641 about a rebellion that happened here. The rebellion was between Native Irish Catholics against the English and Scottish Protestant settlers. The rebellion was an attempt for Irish Catholics to take control for their power over the English administration in Ireland. I Found a book that said a lot of people went into hideout from the English and Scottish to save their families. Ash and I were so focused on the books that we soon realized we were the only people in the library after a half hour. The sun rays started to dim the room. It got kind of scary but Ash didnt seem to mind until the room went totally dark.

Ruby- Oh my Gosh Ash!

Asher- its OK the lights just went out. Take my hand.

Ruby- OK, where are you?

Ruby- Ash where are you?!

The lights flickered back on and Asher was nowhere to be seen. I was freaking out but I saw a piece of paper on the table that was not there before. The note read “ if you want your friend Asher got to the Town hall unseen quickly.” I left everything on the table, grabbed my phone and ran to the town hall. The town hall was two minutes away and time was running low. The day was almost over and we have to leave tomorrow. I got to the town hall and the front door was locked. I stood in front of the door thinking about what was my next move. I didn't panic but went around the building to maybe find a window or another door open. I saw that a window was open and checked to see if anyone was watching me. I climbed onto the trash cans by the window and climbed through. I got inside and dropped down to the ground surrounded by a bunch of books. They were all files and documents. There is still no sign of Asher. The room is dark and skittish. I walk slowly looking around for Ash with my phone flashlight. I walked into another room filled with paper all over the floor and books on the shelves. The door behind me slams shut and I jump to the other side of the room. My flashlight also goes off on my phone but I was not going to try and turn it back on. Asher is still not here. Smoke started to fill the room but it was cold.

Ruby- some one there?

A book falls off of the bookshelf and right in front of my feet. The front cover said Connor Maguire which was my Great grandmothers maiden name. Connor was apparently a commander in the rebellion of 1641. after staring at his picture I took out the family tree I made from my pocket. Connor Maguire was the father of the missing person. I was lost in my thoughts until I felt the files start to shake and I dropped the book. I turned around and see something come from the walls across from me. I was so petrified I didn't move. The Ghost was not that scary as he came through more clearly. He looked a little older than me.

Ghost- Ruby O'Neill?

I was to scared to say anything so I just nodded. He started to talk to me in a more reasonable voice.

Ghost- don't be scared. My name is Jackson and my father was Connor Maguire.

I was still a little scared but not as much as when he came through the wall because Jackson....the ghost was looking a little more human now.

Jackson- do you need to sit down.

Ruby- yeah..... wait where is Asher?

Jackson snapped his fingers and Asher popped into the room lying on the floor asleep. I hope he was asleep. Jackson saw the worry in my face so he just answered my own question.

Jackson- don't worry. He is just sleeping.

Ruby- I just have one question. Why is there no record of you anywhere?

Jackson-well, my father Connor Maguire was part of the rebellion and once he found out they were going to kill everyone who was part of it, he ran. He ran away with my mother Morgan Butler. During the hideout they had me. He wasn't a coward but he wanted to protect my mother and me since my mother would have been killed and he was just protecting her. Once the English and Scottish found out about my parents they sent soldiers to imprison them and eventually he killed them both. My father wanted me to survive so he gave me to the housekeeper who let them hideout in her basement. I was raised by the housekeeper who eventually got sick of me and left me at the ton hall working all day and night. There was a depression that hit the village and a lack of food was upon us I died at the age of 15 from starvation but I survived 10 years all on my own.

Ruby- …...oh my. That is so sad.

Jackson- I never saw my parents again, and now you know what you came for.

Jackson was starting to cry. He slowly walked over to me like he was going to hug me but he instead just kissed me on my head. I fell to the ground on top of Asher and fell asleep.

I woke up in my bed at my house at 9 in the morning. It was Monday and I don't even remember leaving the hotel or the ride home or even leaving the town hall after I fell asleep. I started to freak out a little but got dressed and ran down stairs to see if my mom remembers me coming home. My mom was up but she said that I came home so late she was already asleep and didn't even hear me come in. I skipped breakfast and ran to see if Asher was home. He had a soccer game but I forgot what time it was. When I got to his house my aunt answered the door. She said he already left and was heading over in a little bit if I wanted a ride. I just told her I needed to talk to him now so I ran. I tried to catch him before his game started but I was too late and Asher was already on the field. He saw me and asked the coach for a quick break. He got off the field and ran to me as freaked out as I was.

Asher- ok do you remember coming home last night or even leaving the village?

Ruby- no, but I am just glad your ok.

I hugged Asher like he died because I was so worried I lost him. Asher looked at me the same way. I told him everything that happened and he told me what happened to him.

Asher- I also found this in my shirt this morning and didn't want to open it with out you.

Ruby- what is it?

Asher- it looks like a letter from the 17th century.

When Asher said that we both looked at each other and opened the letter. It said;

Dear Asher and Ruby,

everything you evperienced the last two days was true and you have completed my mission on earth and I can now return to my mother and father. Ruby you are a bright young woman who is always looking for a new adventure. Even if it is just to spend more time with someone you don't want to lose. Asher you are a very smart man to keep Ruby close and care so much about her. As long as you have each other you will never grow up. Love one another and never let the other one go. Your love for each other brought me to the people I love. I know what my father did but he did it out of love. Thank you for everything.


Jackson Maguire

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