The Sith Enforcer

Gornji Kilo is your typical Sith acolyte, that is until he is summoned to Korriban ahead of the others in his age group. The Overseer says he is destined for greatness and will one day be a powerful Sith Lord. Gornji realizes this his he change for success and eagerly begins training. But the others wish to end the strange and powerful acolyte's life, to ensure their own position as apprentice to Darth Baras.....


1. Arrivil (Yes I do know that I spelled that wrong)

   Today seems to be my lucky day. Being summoned early to Korriban to complete the trails....this was unheard of. Overseer Camos must have an excellent reason to call me in early, otherwise, well lets just say I kiss good-bye to my dreams of becoming Sith. Oh, I didn't know that is was open to people..... no one tells me anything these days. Well, I guess I just have to improvise. My name is Gornji Kilo and I am a Sith acolyte. I am in a starship heading to Korriban to.... wait. You know all this already, don't you? Well, in that case I shall start actually telling you something you don't know. We just barely touched down on the planet surface. I stepped out of the starship and was hit by a wall of heat and sand. My escorts step down beside me and waited while I got my bearings.

I couldn't see much where I was but, what I could see was sand, sand, and.. you guess it, more sand. I nodded to the escorts and the woman nodded back. They went back on board the ship and I walked to where the Overseer was standing. He began speaking as soon as I stopped.  " Welcome to Korriban, acolyte," he said," We shall have to start immediately to catch you up to the others. The training swords you arrived with will not suffice." He pointed to the two yellows weapons strapped to my back.  "Then what will I use to crush my enemies?" I asked in my gruff voice. He smiled," Patience, acolyte. There is an acolyte here named Vemrin. He is your enemy." " Why do you choose my enemies?" I asked, annoyed.

" Because he is not, shall we say, true Sith. He is mixed blood." He replied. I frowned, but did not question him again. He continued, pleased I did not argue." In a tomb here, there is a war blade. Go and claim it, then wet it's blade in blood. After you do that, meet in my office. Oh and watch out for the Khor'slugs. They have been the end to many an acolyte. " I nodded, and started running the direction of the tomb.

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