Rail Dwellers

This is a poem I wrote being truly inspired by a documentary I watched about the people who relied all their lives on the railways in Bombay,India.


1. Rail Dwellers

Rail Dwellers


Between the huffs and puffs,

bustling and dust,

In their bags, they secretly hide

their source of breakfast or lunch or maybe dinner.


They look left and right. 

from inside, they pull out,

colorful saris and bangles of a kind

They say,'Oh you beautiful madame, try this on!'


They feel a tap on their shoulder  

turning around, they see stern faces-

casually dressed railway cops!

they point;Point out of the train compartment...


The next day,

they appear in court,

they smile with each other- familiar faces!

Then, they are charged with four hundred rupees


But the next day, they are back in their same lifestyle.

hiding, showing, selling, shouting

All they want is a better life for their children.

But, they feel a tap on their shoulder again...


Their homes are made of pieces of 

wood, pipes, cardboard or clay

Established on the railways,

Dust loathing and reaching every corner;

shedding off its powdery skin.

But their hopes are still solid


Days, months pass...

They are on the same place

But they are not worried,

Because their hopes are so high


Some may move to a better place.

Maybe a concrete built apartment, in a tall building,

Over looking the railways 

or maybe a dusty part of the City of Bombay 

But they aren't disappointed.

They say 'The railway is like my mother'.





















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