Saving My Saviour

She is a young naive girl who hasnt seen the world yet.
He is an old man who has seen a lot in this world.
What happens when this naive girl falls for him??
Will he accept it ??
Or will he throw her away?


5. New Home


Robert house was very near to Martha’s house and that was a good news to me.

We got all the boxes inside the house and paid the driver.

Once back home Robert showed me the whole house but we were interrupted by the call he got, and he went out to receive it leaving me all by myself.

I took the boxes inside the room which he assigned to me one by one. I must say they were very heavy and my arms were hurting as I was not used to pick up such heavy things.

I wondered what was so important about the call that Robert hasn’t yet come back inside. I let the thought go back in my mind and continued to start opening the boxes and arranging the things properly in the room my room.

After a little more late later Robert got back inside and called out to me which I answered to him positively

He made me sit and was going through what I should do and what not.

1. I was not allowed to go outside of the house without his supervision

2. he would always accompany me while shopping or going to work or anything in particular.

3. I was not allowed to answer the door at anytime of the day. I was only allowed to answer the door when it is him at the other end.

4. I am told not to sneak in any other rooms than mine and kitchen and the Bathroom of course.

Only 4 rules, easy to follow.

After that I got up to head to my room when he caught my hand making me look back at him “And no matter how much you hear me scream at night, don’t come to my room. You get that kid?”

What did he just say ???


Does he get awful nightmares ??

I opened my mouth to day something but closed it again nodding affirmative and left to my room.

Later that night he got us some food from the Chinese take out.

After having the food he picked up all the wrappers and boxes and throw it in the trash can.

I didn’t sleep immediately due to my mind doing to thinking.

This all seems new and exciting.

I slept hugging my pillow tightly and wished Robert slept too.

Next morning I got up due to the loud banging on my door and opened it to find a very groggy looking Robert.

His hair was disheveled and he was wearing his sweat pants and had only his undershirt.

This was quite a view to get up to.

“Get up, you are getting late for work.” He said and walked back to the kitchen.

I didn’t object him or said anything to him and made my way to the bathroom shutting the door behind me and taking a nice shower.

The shower was nice and made my muscles relax.

I got out and wore fresh pair of clothes and got out the bathroom only to find Robert in the same place as I left him before going In the bathroom.

I made my way to him and tugged at his arms to get his attention.

He broke out of his trance and looked down at me “Lets have breakfast kid” he said taking out plates from the rack, but I stopped him pulling his hand down.

“Something wrong?” I asked him only to see him surprised that I even asked him.

“Nothing that concerns you kid! Now lets get your stomach filled shall we?” he said cheekily

I tried to smile at him but couldn't bring myself to smile.

He noticed my frown and sighed without saying another word.

We had our  breakfast in silence and after that he left me to my work and reminded me to wait for him after work and not to go alone.

The next two weeks went the same


He waking me up.

I getting my shower.

Having breakfast.

Working all day.

Him picking me up and going home to get myself back in my room.

Having dinner and sleeping.

I never got to talk to him or see him smile and I was starting to grow restless.

In these two weeks time he blacked out almost everyday and that was making me scared for him. I cannot exactly say what is it that is making him act like this.

I wanted to talk to him but was scared at the thought of him shouting at me. I was worried for him not speaking up his mind.

He never asked me how was my work or how was I feeling in the new place. And it was eating me alive being suffocating in my own air.

I didn’t say anything to Martha as I didn’t want her to worry over me.

So I just gulped it down and carried on living on his terms well Mary you have to live on his terms because its his house you are living in

The day after my two week silence nearly broke was today when I hear him scream loudly in his scream making me shoot up straight and I ran to his room but stopping at his door debating whether to go or not.

But I reverted my steps back to my room knowing very well that he would get pissed at me for violating the rules.

I stayed back in my room hearing his agonizing screams making me cry. And I did cry that night.

I was feeling so helpless for being right next door and couldn’t go and stop his screams.

What must have happened for him to scream at nights got me thinking about him and his past.

I didn’t know anything about his past and Martha never told me anything besides the fact that her husband was a friend of Robert.

I guess I am walking on a road with no torch and the road is dark.

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