Saving My Saviour

She is a young naive girl who hasnt seen the world yet.
He is an old man who has seen a lot in this world.
What happens when this naive girl falls for him??
Will he accept it ??
Or will he throw her away?


2. Meeting Again


Past week I have been walking the same street same way just get a glance of the man who saved me. I never got to say thank you to him.

after a week and 3 days, today yes I keep a check on days I am sitting at the counter to tally the purchases as the café is closed now and it is silence in the room. Martha is cleaning the tables and huming a song, which I am smiling at.

And the bell jingle and out of habit “I am sorry the café is closed down.” I say without looking up at the person.

“Robert what are you at this time in the café ?” I hear Martha say to the person, making  me look up.

I was shocked to see him here of all places, his hair scatter around his face. The undershirt had washed in mud, his shirt tied at his waist and his hands, they looked more older now.

“Hey Martha, thought of having a coffee, its alright anyway see you later” he held his hand up waving at her moving to the door as he looked at me making me freeze, “Kid, what are you doing there?? You have glasses?” he said amused by me

“Yeah.. I ..yeah” Mary get your shit together, I scolded myself, looking up to see his back at me.

I must admit he had strong back, shoulders looked almost sculpted, muscles popping up with movement, but they were slumped forward, which pained me to see.

Martha stopped him from leaving,  saying that he happens to be her very good friend so he is welcomed over here at this hour.

Martha and him are friends!!!!

Martha knows this man!!!!!

Oh my god !!

He walked to the counter in front of me “Kid an expresso please” amusement written on his face.

I looked at him closely for a minute before working on his order, and I must say he looked sad. I wanted to talk to him. I know, I can tell by looking at his face that he has many things going on his mind and I want to ease his mind. But he was a stranger to me and you can’t expect a stranger to talk to you.

While getting his order Martha lead him to the table and was talking to him. She saw me watching him from the corners of her eyes making me concentrate on work.

Placing his order I made a beeline to my counter and started my tally work.

After sometime he finished his coffee and waved at Martha. He looked at me for a little before saying

“Kid, you okay?” he asked me out of nowhere making a bit out of place, but soon I got to his point and remembered that day's even where he saved me.

“I am okay thank you” I said looking at the floor. “Really thank you for doing what you did back there” I said more and thanked him at last.

He nodded his head to me before leaving the shop.

From that day on I saw him more at the café talking to Martha and also sometimes he spare glances at me and smile. He seemed nice at first but then Martha started to shoo me when he was around and told me to be away from him. I didn’t get her first but I agreed to her anyhow.

I even sometimes found him near my house with some of his colleague I suppose and that made him a little creepy. Was he following me??. I am thinking too much about him.

It was Friday when my shift was about to get over and I was busy with my tally when Robert came in for his expresso. He was starting to make me scared as I was seeing him everywhere nowadays. It was like he was keeping an eye on me.

C’mon Mary why will he stalk you!!  I put that thought away and got his order ready.

I placed his expresso on his table and stood there. Martha look at me clearing her throat

“Mary, something wrong” she said sternly wanting me to go at the table. I know she had warnd me before to stay away from him but I was a little intrigued by him.

“No-nothing… I'll go and finish the tally” I smiled at her, hurrying myself, but a strong hand stopped me and he looked up at me  “ Kid, you should go home its getting late” he said making me stare where our hands touched. He touched me like he knew me so very well. Wong mary, wrong. he looked at Martha still holding my hand

“Martha let her go and she can do her work tomorrow morning” his tone changed into something between stern and friendly and he squeezed my hand his a bit harder making me yelp. Was he really doing it??

Martha looked at our hands and cleared her throat at him making him look down, he pulled out of the hold and latched his fingers in his hair tugging them.

She glared at me “Go home Mary” she said sternly making my eyes hot with an unknown emotion. Spinning around I head to my bag and hung it over my shoulders, wiping the tears I head straight out of the door without looking back.


Martha kept avoiding me the following days, talking to me only when necessary. I felt lost as I didn’t know what I did for her to treat me like this.

She kept herself occupied with other customers so she wont have to talk to me.

Robert showed up to the café twice but Martha told him not to come here and to meet her after her working hours.

He tried talking to me but she diverted the talks which doesn’t include my attention.

Today after 8 days of her silent treatment I was in a grocery shop buying some things needed in house.

I live alone because mother doesn’t want me to stay with her, little does she know about how I wanted to be away from her so she had one mouth less to feed.

Strolling the mall with my trolley I put all the items that I wanted in it, but my eye caught the shiny wrapper of the chocolate delight biscuit on the far top of the rack.

I jumped thrice to get the packet, but all in vain due to my height. I was shorter in height and I loved that fact about me, but not in such times, at times like this, I hated myself for being so short.

I jumped once more to reach but a huge hand grabbed the packet before me and i cussed at the person huffing and looking down at the floor

The hand that took my packet away was shoved in front of me with packet “Take it kid” the familiar voice said making me look up at him smiling down at me. I had a huge grin on my face and I hugged him tightly  “Thank you so much” I said jumping with joy and heard the most deep laughter and also the most beautiful one. I just looked up at him laughing with his head rolled back and he held one hand at my back.

I liked the way he laughed, loud voice with rasp in it. He looked down at me bringing his hand to my face brushing the hair off my face and tucking it behind my ear.

He backed a little maintaining distance and cleared his throat. “happy?”

“Yeah.. Thank you” I smiled at him and then at the packet in my hand and remembered that Martha has been telling him to stay away from me, cause he looked a little uncomfortable.

He started walking away with his hands in his pockets of his jacket.

“wait!” I called out to him a little lauder as no one was present in this alley of the market. He looked back at me raising his eyebrow

“Wh-what is y-your name?” I face palmed myself, good start Mary he smiled at me cheekily “Robert” he stated “And you kid?” he asked me

“Mary.. Umm.. Its short of Meredith” I said a little ashamed of my full name. He put his finger under my chin, making me look up at him “ it’s a beautiful name, Meredith” he said.

I like the way my name sounded from him. Never ever I liked my name but I loved it when he had said it.

“Th-thanks.. But call me M-mary” I said to him. All my friends call me either Mary or Maddie.

“That’s for me to decide kid” his voice having a dominating edge and I felt my stomach sunk low. He let go of my chin I didn't know he was holding it  and turned around to leave

I took hold of my trolley and went behind him “wait! Robert” he halted his steps looking at me “What happened kid??” he asked, my face dropped the way he called my kid “don’t call me kid, I’m 22” I said somewhat proud at my self.

He laughed at me “you are a kid to me” he said as if it didn’t bother him, but it bothers me

“Why, how old are you?” I blurted it out without thinking regretting it immediately.

“I am 48 going on 49, so you are a kid to me” he smiled looking down at me

Shocked by the number of his age made my eyes wide its illegitimate to even have thoughts of him anywhere near sexual. I took a huge gulp down my throat blinking my eyes rapidly, leaving abruptly, my trolley left unattended and I ran from the shop to take fresh air, my name was called out many times by Robert making me choke as tears fell from my eyes. I ran to my house as fast I could.

I reached home running out of breath and leaning on the door to take the much needed air inside my lungs.

How can I be so stupid to think anything about him. How pathetic of me Mary you are sick to have such thoughts about him yes I did imagine him doing things to me  god I’m such an horrible person.

Oh my god did he think of me as his stalker as we saw each other a lot last few days. That cant be good.

Mary you idiot, being intigued is okay, you are dow right ogling over him.

I went straight to bed and slumped myself on it putting my pillow on my head and screaming.


I kept thinking about it the whole day and blaming myself over and over again

I tried thinking of answeres to my sanity and not to think about him again.

No matter how much I try, I ended thinking about him and I in compromising situations.

As my musing and self loathing continued and in the evening I heard the bell at my door ring.

Opening the door I came face to face with all items that I put in my trolley in the morning, my eyes travelled up at the bearer of these things  “ Kid you ran away leaving this over there, so I got it to you” he said handing me the bags.

“There's no need for doing this, I could have gotten it tomorrow also” I said smiling awkwardly at him. He noticed my frown “What's the matter kid??, worried about something?” yess worried about my sanity, gosh I am still finding it hard to not think about him I smiled at him the most fake smile “No, I will pay you back, how much does this all summed up to ?” 

His expressions changed to a serious one “No need for it kid” he said dismissing my further attempts to object.

He turned around leaving me all alone with myself.


Sunday morning I cleaned my house and stuffed all items which Robert got me yesterday.

Afternoon I thought of visiting Martha, so I head to wards her house. I took the bus from my house to her place.

The bus stopped at  the stop, getting down I walked to her house and knocked on her door.

She opened the door smiling at me “Hello dear, how are you?”

“Hi Martha can we talk?” I asked her not sure what I was going to enquire her. She opened the door letting me in and getting me some water to drink.

After taking a sip , I asked her “ Martha I am sorry, I know you warned me about him and yet I talked to him” I apologized to her and her eyes softened a bit.

“Honey he is a bad news. But wait did you say you talked to him??” she asked me firmly.

I nodded her ‘yes’ and she asked me once again

“Outside the Café??”


Now I know I was in trouble.

“Martha how do you know him?” she looked a little confused at first but eventually got the point.

“He knew earl from the early days and when I married earl, I came into knowing him. But Mary why do you ask?” she looked at me questioning.

I looked down from her gaze and started fiddling my fingers with the hem of my shirt.

“I just wanted to know him” I said shrugging “why did you avoid me all these days Martha? Why didn’t you scolded me at that time??”

She looked thoughtful for a while and turned her attention to me “Mary honey I know you saw him with a glint in your eyes, but let me tell you, it'll hurt your feelings more”

I looked at her struggling to say something,  anything to her. “I want to know him, that day he saved me from getting hit by a truck, but he didn’t say anything after that and the day I saw him at the café, I saw a hint of sorrow in his eyes. I …I want to know him” I told her and I truly wanted to know him better.

“Then you just have to leave it to him, honey don’t get emotionally attached to that man, he is too old for you.” She told me, knowing very well how I looked at him that day.

“And more thing Mary, don’t be near him again, that man has anger issues and whole lot other issues, I suggest you to stay away from him as possible.”

Anger issues, yeah I can tell that, the way his face hardens and he cusses at things explains his anger, but what other issues did he have, I need to know.

“What other issues Martha?” I asked getting up from the couch and following her to the kitchen.

“Mary arent you suppose to worried about your studies and not about him??.” She warned me in a low voice.

“Okay” I said accepting that I have to talk to Robert himself to know about him. Martha looked at me once more before going back to her work.


The next few days went the same, me going to work and coming home and I usually did bumped into Robert

Robert and I started talking to each other more frequently. He seemed nice to me and I pushed back the thoughts of hm being creepy. He was not at all creepy to me now.

 He accompanied me to my grocery and other shopping, although I did stopped him but he was too adamant to deny and I had to stop complaining.

I must admit that I liked the way he treated me, gentle and careful. He tried his best to keep me smiling.

It was days like this that enjoyed being with him and was slowly starting to develop more feelings for him. I know the age he is of and also I am very aware of my age, butt I cannot stop my heart from beating loudly when he voices his opinion sternly on me.

He doesn’t acknowledge my affection to him and seems oblivious to it

Until on fine Sunday I was at Martha’s place and it was getting late in the evening.

“Have dinner with me Mary and then I'll leave you to the bus station” I nod my head agreeing with her.

The dinner was nice and Martha’s cooking was marvelous. I thanked her for the dinner and head to the door “Mary wait I'll drop you till the station honey” Martha said to me as she came rushing to the door to stop me from going alone.

“Martha its alright I can walk the distance, no issue” I assured her and turned to head to station.

“Call me when you reach home honey” Martha yelled from the distance to hear me.

“yes I will” I said back and continued my walking.

After a few minutes walk, me being self occupied didn't see who was standing in front me and I ran straight into the person, hitting his back hard.

“I am so sorry Ma-..Kid??” oh god what is he doing here!! Rubbing my head I looked up at him and smiled, which he returned before turning around to talk to another man. Did he just ignored me??

I tugged his hand asking attention, which he gave “What happened kid??”

I clenched my jaw tightly, hating the fact he calls me kid “I want to talk to you” I said between my teeth. “Later kid, I am in the middle of something” he said coolly and moved his face giving his attention to the other man.

Okay if he wants to ignore me, fine, I will behave more like a kid now. I moved in between the two men looking up at the man of my concern. “I want to talk now!!”  I said crossing my arms over my chest.

He looked down at me and suddenly caught my hand pulling me with him “Talk to you later Jimmy, have some ‘talking’ to do” he said anger laced in his words. I tried pulling out of his hold, he held my hand so tightly, now it started to hurt me. He dragged me roughly to a broken house and pushed me on the bench.

“Talk!” he said loudly

Flinching at his tone I straighten myself, clearing my throat “sorry” I whisper

.”Excuse me??” He gritted his teeth, a sudden fear envelopes me making me move more into the bench.

He started breathing heavily trying to control his rage. His hands clenched into fist and unclenched rapidly.

I quickly shot up from the bench to move away only to pushed back down. “sit down” he yelled on me making me cringe. I desperately want to get away from this place and into my sheets of bed. Forget about I said he wasn’yt creepy. He was down right scary.

“Please let me go” I said between taking huge breaths. At this moment I don’t want to be near him.

“You're not going anywhere kid” a sudden rebellious feeling came over and I stood up to him

“ Stop calling me a kid!! Do you have any sense that I am think far away from a kid about you !!! Do you know what you make me feel!!! I like you!! More than a kid!! Do you know!!!” I yelled at him loudly catching a few glances from passer by.

These past days I have been in his company and I didn’t tell Martha abou t this but I was drown to him. The way he treats me and makes me feel like I need some sort of guidance is nice. He was dominand in ways he also didn’t know it is possible for him to do. Maybe it was his way Dominant way.

“You…what??” he whispered, uncertain of what I said and that got me back to present and the effect hit me like a pendulum. Did I just said that I think of him in a certain way ! Shitt!! Mary you are such an arse. Get your legs moving Mary, he is pissed

And without a word I sprinted forward to my rescue.

“ Hey kid!!” he called behind me to get my attention, but I kept running. Martha was right, I shouldn't be near him. He has a massive anger issue..

I ran away from him knowing that he was following me. why was he following me?

i know it is my stupid stubborn self that got me into this shit. i should have just left him there whenhe said that he was busy, but  No i have to me me to do such thing.

I kept running from him until I came to halt having nowhere to go god  I am lost, great!! Now I don’t even know this place.

 I walked to a nearby place which happens to be a pub. I went inside it to find many more people, drunk and moving their body on the music that was playing now. I try to find the reception but I guess I made the entry from the back side of the club and have to pass this crowd of drunk arses.

Lucky me that I made it to the table and tried to have a word with the bartender when I felt a hand grab my arse making me yelp in shock. “ aye sexy !! You look lost , are you here with someone??” he asked making the oxygen in the room disappear making my breathing hard. He was in his early fifties with beard style and baggy shirt on him. He was hooked on alcohol and was trying to touch me inappropriately.

I dismissed his attempts and continued to wait on the bartender which he came shortly after sometime.

He ordered two drinks and handed me one “Drink sweetie” he motioned to the glass. It was the first time I am going to drink in my life. Maybe this is what Martha meant for me to do, let loose.

I looked at the drink more keenly as whether I should or not have this drink.

And besides I was angry that Robert now know about how I think of him. So I held the glass to my lips taking it all in one huge gulp “Woah sweetie, slow down there, here take another glass and drink it slowly” he handed me another glass of vodka and this time I drank it as he told me to.

After a few shots of vodka, my vision started to get dizzy and a funny feeling crept in me making me crack at random things. I saw faces more funny and I got up to leave saying thanks to the man who brought me drinks.

I started moving my legs further but finding it hard.

My head became heavy as the drink started to create its magic making me smile. I let my head fall down on a broad chest and blurting out laughter. He smelled very nice and musky “ Hey man you know you smell familiar to me” I swirled by tongue as the effect started getting heavier. The room was spinning in front of my eyes. “Hey the rooms dancing, did you see that” I said spinning around to tell the man behind me only for me to stumble to be caught by my waist.

And that’s when I felt a lump coming up my throat and I throw it all on the front man and put my head on the same chest. “You know Robert?? He is this angry old man,  my old man” with the last word said I felt darkness in front of my eyes hearing a faint ‘fucking hell’ which made me smile as the voice also sounded familiar.

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