Saving My Saviour

She is a young naive girl who hasnt seen the world yet.
He is an old man who has seen a lot in this world.
What happens when this naive girl falls for him??
Will he accept it ??
Or will he throw her away?


3. Hangover


My head was pounding like I am being hit by a truck. I woke up to find myself in an odd surroundings, the room is definitely a mans room and It is horribly taken care of.

Mary you definitely are in another mans room, you should be pissed and yet you are thinking about the maintenance you fool.

I got myself in a sitting position, holding my head in my hands trying to control the pounding.

“God did I go home with that man who got me drinks!!” I said regretting it all soon. Oh my, I had my first drink of my life.

Then I remembered my horrible confessions to Robert. Oh god he must think of me as a creepy girl who likes older men.

I do have a liking for older men. Yes I do find men above their younger age a little sexy but that dosent man I have been in reltionships with any older men.

Robert was something different, he was dominant and he knew what he wanted from others and kept minding his own business.

This also means if we ever get in relationship it will be inside the room and not all over the world.

What the hell Mary, you dont even know if he likes you and here you are thinking about the prospects of being in reltionship with him. 

My musings were interrupted and I heard the noise at the door.

The door of the room creaked open and I snapped my head to see the person who got me here.

The opened door revealed a man that I become familiar with in these past days, he had a frown on his face as he entered the room.

I looked down suddenly the blanket was more interesting to me. “Kid .. Yo-“

“Please, you know about …. So stop calling me kid” I cut his words. He now know how I feel and yet he choose to call me kid.

“That’s for me to decide, now tell me why you went into that place??” he asked sitting himself at the end of the bed keeping the coffee table at the bed rest close to me.

“I was lost” I said embarrassed

“Lost?? And how come you were drunk in an unknown place??” he asked a bit irritating.

“I don’t know, I was angry and he offered me a drink so I took it” I said a little softly for him to hear.

“Do you understand what could have happened if I would’ve not followed you there???” he said making his voice slower but with a power in it.

“I know, and I am thankful for it” I said, my fingers fiddling with the buttons of the shirt.

My eyes shot down to see that I was in fact wearing a very big shirt which was not mine and also I can feel I had no pants on me. I was wearing a large shirt and I had no pants on !!!

The man in front of me sensed my distress “Your clothes were covered in vomit. And I changed didn't your clothes, you have enough strength to change and I gave you my shirt be cause you were stinking” he said

Ohhh god I am wearing his clothes!! Well only a shirt but still, his shirt!

“Did I say something bad yesterday??” I asked him out of shame.

I was so deep in shit, I have no idea how am I going to get out of it.

“No you didn't, now take that coffee it'll  make you feel better” he said getting up to leave the room but I caught his arm “No ..wait” I said to him

“Abut what I said earlier, about my feelings” I said to him looking doown ashamed.

“Kid, don’t make your mind think too much on it, it'll never happen so stop dwelling on it” he said before letting go of my hold and walking out of the room shutting it behind him.

He very well knew about my feelings towards him then why do he don’t want me to like him, help him!.

I got up from the bed and walked out of the room to find him in the kitchen. I went to him and stood before him, between the kitchen counter and him.

“Kid!! Go back to the room” he stated firmly, but I was very stubborn at times like this.

“I will not go unless you tell me what's wrong in between us??” I said crossing my arms on my chest and lifting my head up yes a powerful stance Mary

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair and my hands itched to be replaced by those hands.

He looked out of the window in the front for a minute and then looked down at me. He pulling me up by my waist, he placed me on the counter.

“You are a kid to me, whatever you feel now is just your attraction and nothing else. And this between us is not right. You are very young to an old man like me. And the society will never approve of this”  he said to me explaining how we couldn't work.

“Which means you also felt a tug towards me??” I asked him bravely this time. I want to know what he really felt about me. “I don’t want to know what society thinks, I want to know what you think” I said like brat girl.

“I didn't feel any pull towards you, you are kid, kid! Don’t push too much kid!” why do he keeps reminding me that I am a toddler in front him.

“I don’t believe it” I know he felt it too. He wouldn’t have come to the stupid shopping trips with me if he hadn't felt anything romantic towards me. He wouldn’t have followed me to the pub if he hadn't felt the pull.

“You should believe and stop assuming things, I know your mind is questioning my appearance in your shopping adventure, but I was because I felt the need” he stated.

“Why did you felt the need all of a sudden??” I interrogated him even further making him clench his jaw tighter.

“Why do you want me admit it?? Don’t you get it that’s its not right??” he let the words out in anger making me cower back on the counter further.

“There cant be ‘us’ kid, don’t you get it??” he said sadness in his voice and also he looked defeated.

“Why can't there be a ‘us’??” I asked him lowly this time. My heart breaking at the possibility of him denying it

“What are you getting at kid??” he asked me, his eyes never leaving my sight.

“Why don’t you just try??” I asked him ashamed

He slumped his shoulders a little forward, leaving a sigh before straightening up.

He put his hands on my waist again and roughly  pushed me further to his hard chest making me grasp his undershirt to balance the impact. He dug his fingers into the skin of my waist making me look at him and gasp in surprise.

This position was somehow turning me on very much. My breathe was coming out shallow and heart was pounding rigorously. My mouth went dry and suddenly the air around me was heavily to breath in. I gulp down the lump in my throat when the bell to his door rang.

He didn’t leave his hand on my waist but loosened his grip on it. He looked at door and then looked down at me “Go back to the room and don’t sneak out” he said sternly leaving no room for objection.

“But what is wrong if I am here with you?” I asked him

“The hell I am letting anyone see you like this” he gestured to my clothing state and put me back down on the floor holding my hands and guiding me back to room.

I was finding it hard to hold back my smile at what he just said.

I went and sat on the bed with the awful smile on my face. I know he liked me as much as I do.

After his little chat with his friend, he got me my clothes and made breakfast for me.

I wore the clothes and got out of the room to see him eating from his plate, I must say he eats like a caveman.

I asked him if he can show me the way to my work and he agreed on it.

After few minutes I was near my work place and I turned back to say thank you only to find him moving away from me to the opposite direction.

I frowned a bit and rushed to him at the other side of the road and caught hold of his hand.

“Kid, stop this and go back to work” he motioned me to the café .

I didn't say anything just stood on my tip toe stretching myself high enough to reach his face, but he pulled me back to my place by my waist “Kid stop this now” he said agitated.

I frowned at him “I was just going to kiss your cheek” and placed a kiss on his cheek. He looked surprised that I can actually do it, but left me there moving forward.

I went inside the café with a smile still on my face

I waved at Martha which she returned back even more enthusiactly

“Well well somebody is happy” Martha teased me “So little lady, whos the lucky young man??” she asked making me freeze on the spot.

Should I tell her about our little talk in the morning. Should I tell her the reason for my smile is not a young man but an older man.

“Martha!! No, there is no man behind my smile.” I say a bit flustered.

“deny all you can young woman, but I know the glow you are having now” and she got back to doing her work.

I hurried to the mirror to see what glow is she talking about, but I see the old me, no glow.

“Martha, what glow you talking about?” I asked her. Maybe she can elaborate it as well.

She came and stood behind me smiling “It’s the glow of an early stage of love my dear” she explained “When a lady looks forward for a potential man, she glows, it’s the beauty, she feels happy” she said putting her hand on my shoulders and giving it a little squeeze.

Does it mean that I am starting to fall in love with Robert?? But I am not even have half a knowledge about love than he has. Maybe he did see me glow that’s why he stopped me from thinking any further.

“Martha! Do the man also see the glow??” I asked her again.

She laughs at my childish question leaving a sigh “Honey its not the thing where you can see, but it is you feel”

Does this mean I am falling for Robert in such a short period of time??

I don’t know the man but I do want to get to know him.

He is a unknown mystery to me which I want to unwind it, but also was afraid to get hurt.

Will he also sense that I am glowing?? Very intelligent Mary

Okay now she is leaving me all confused. What does she mean about feeling the glow.

“Martha please talk in normal English” and she starts laughing “Honey… okay I will tell you exactly what it is only if you give me the name”

I  inhale a huge amount of air and get ready to face the aftermath of this situation, when the bell at the café rings indicating the arrival of new customer.

“I am not letting you go unless I get the name honey” Martha said and got back to work.

Serving the customers with smile was out motto and today I was smiling like anything.

Everyone entering the café came up to me and was having a happy glow on their faces. Oh my god ‘the glow’ their faces were glowing. Its- are they in love ?? Ha ha not funny Mary.

I took the orders happily and the work didn’t even feel tiresome today.

At the end of the day at around 5.30 I was doing the tally of todays orders when the bell rung making me look up to see the man that I have grown to love more with each passing second, stand at the door.

He came to the counter to place the order “Hi how may I help you?” he gave me a cheeky smile at my line of welcome and placed his money for expresso.

Taking his cup he strolled the area to find a place smiling at Martha on the way, which she returned.

They both sat at the corner table and her eyes met mine in a worry and suddenly his expression changed into that of anger.

They both were arguing on something which he kept denying.

I suppose they were taking about me. Why are they taking about me? Don’t they know I am right here to talk to.

He shot up from his chair and made his way to the counter, to me. I moved a bit back pretending I didn’t see them and got back to my tally when he caught hold of my hand dragging me out of the space and out of the door.

“R-rob-robert, what happe-“ I snapped at me with anger in his eyes and that made me stop from talking any further.

“What did I tell you kid?” He asked painfully low.

“to drop the issue” I replied timidly. He let go of my hand and moved a little closer to me, cupping my face with his rough hands

“Then drop it, whatever you think about me is an illusion. you should not bother about me kid. you get that?” and left with out looking back once.

My eyes starts with the water that fall down effortlessly making me slouch down on the floor.

Martha immediately comes to my side and tries to bring me back to the present but I can't

“No no no no “I say getting up from my position and took a step to run after him when Martha caught me

“Mary No!! You are not going to him, do you understand?” she asked me

“But he..” I cried at my inability to console myself

“Mary go home, you don’t need to think about him. Just forget he even existed” she ordered me with sternness.

I looked at her with my wide eyes “Martha, he, I, I can'”

“Go home, end of it” giving a push to me she got me my bag and got a taxi for me giving the driver my address to go home.

Once the taxi reach near my apartment, I get out of it and walk to my apartment only to hear the loud cusses of my landlord.

He has been doing  this a lot lately, coming here drunk and shouting on me as I am the only tenant over here.

he was getting crampy at things and always threathened me to leave this place but the next morning he was okay and used to say sorry to which I accepted because I didn't have aywhere else to go.

I stopped in front of him and giving me the attention he started shouting again “Miss Tunclar, this is the last time I am warning you, pay the fucking rent on time” he yelled out at me, reminding that I couldn't come up to pay the rent for past three months.

My finances were very poor these past days as I have been sending money to mom for her and brother.

Apparently the financial conditon over there was not so good and my mom asked me for some help.

i accepted it withot thinking twice and it was costig me the roof to sleep beneath.

My brother's school was asking for the fees to be paid in advance and mom didn’t had enough money so I gave her the needed amount and I have been giving it for the past three months.

“I am sorry Mr. Johnson, I am running out of money and my next pay is almost 20 days due please give me some time” I begged him. I know Mr. Johnson was a very understanding man and he never threaten me to leave the apartment.

“I cannot bear with this Miss Tunclar, I will give you 5 days, start looking for another place” he said as a final word and left me to myself.

“Mr. Johnson, please listen to me” I begged him to not just kick me out from the place but he was firm on his words.

“Sorry Miss. Tunclar, I already said my words.If I were you, I would have gone out to search for places” he said and d left me there hanging with the possibilities of me being a homeless girl.

I tried pleaded him but he didn't hear my pleas this time as he was very firm on making me homeless.

Fuck, how am I suppose to find a place at this busy schedule. I would have to take another part time work to pay my bills and outstanding’s.

I also need to focus on my internship. Oh god I am so fucked up right now.

I cannot ask Martha for place because her place is small and have only two rooms. I cannot ask for it from her.

I need to start finding another place.


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