Saving My Saviour

She is a young naive girl who hasnt seen the world yet.
He is an old man who has seen a lot in this world.
What happens when this naive girl falls for him??
Will he accept it ??
Or will he throw her away?


4. Finding Home

Four  days

Four Days have passed since I have done every possible way to find myself a new place to stay.

Either the bills and deposit were high.

Either the landlord was a drunkard.

Either they didn’t want a bachelor.

Or they charge for any extra person living even for a day.

These four days I have hardly had any time for myself to think about Robert, but  I miss him already.

That day he left angry by my childish crush on him, but I really care for him and just want to see him.

I informed Martha about the order of my landlord and even she was trying her best to find a place for me

It was day five and I was on the counter taking orders from the customers trying to keep a smiling face, but was failing miserably.

The customers were starting to give me second glances.

I even have asked the customers if they happen to come across anyone who want to rent their place. Some of them have helped me but it was either me or the landlord that didn’t favor the other.

I was totally exhausted to even stand and smile at the customers, I hardly got any sleep these four days. I was missing sleep, food, everything just to find a place for me before the deadline.


We had just finished our lunch and was back to the work when Robert step foot in the café

I was so relieved to see him back that I rushed to him and hugged him without thinking it twice.

He was also relieved as it showed the way his stance relaxed when I hugged him and he put both of his hands on my back, returning then hug.

“Missed me that much kid?” he laughed at me pulling out of the hug.

“You have no idea” I said looking up at him making him drop his smile frowning at me “What happened” he asked me his face all serious .

“Mary you get back to work, I will have a word with him” Martha interrupted our conversation.

I didn’t say another word and went back to my counter, I see people glancing towards me for hugging Robert and in my mind I know I have shown them the middle finger.

I sat back taking the orders.

Every once a while I sneak a glance towards Martha’s table and saw Roberts expression changing from sober to anger in the mean time and he shot up from his chair and started yelling at her.

They yelled a bit at each other when he shot a look at me and stomped his hand on the table “ She is not going anywhere”

He came towards me looking very pissed at everything in particular “When does your shift ends kid??” he asked me straight forward.

“At 6” I said a little shakily.

He looked at the clock impatiently, I still had half an hour for my shift to get over “Still half n hour is remaining” I said timidly.

“Fuck the shift, get your bag we are leaving” he ordered and I was quick enough to go back and getting my bag. I gave Martha an almost pleading look and she nodded me to go.

And we left the café to go to my apartment.

Once we reach the place he told me to pack my things while he have a word with my landlord.

It scared me to let him go there alone because I know Robert was angry and my landlord was always drunk and drunk with an angry man is a dead end land.

“Robert, I will come with you” I voiced him making him stop in his track and look back at me.

“I am not going to hit him kid, just go back and pack your things” he said with a stern voice. And I rushed to my apartment to collect my things.

I had packed almost everything in the boxes and was ready to leave when Robert peeked through the door and entered “Got everything ready kid??” he asked looking around my apartment.

“Where are we going??” I asked him out of curiosity, to which he laughed a little and got to my level on the ground

“You will now be staying with me” he said as a matter of fact.

“I didn’t know you were looking for a tenant” I said looking at the floor.

He huffed a little but didn't answer my question.

“lets get going kid!” he said getting up from the floor. I didn't push him to answer and i got up to get all the packed boxes.

I gave a one last look over to my apartment. This place held many sweet memories and I will never forget it. Although I have to leave this place, it will still be dear to me

We hand over the things to Mr. Johnson who looked sad that I was leaving this place, but he also couldn’t help it, and I understand it.

“I am sorry Miss Tunclar, I wish you all the best with your new place” And we left it to Roberts house.

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