The school's players

Lisa and Jungkook are the schools biggest players they have one night stands. Lisa starts getting possessive over Jungkook ever time he tries to have a one night stand and for jungkook that is a huge turn on.
*Entry for the oneshot writing competition*


1. 1/1

Jungkook's P.O.V

I was tired of pretending I hated Lisa at first it was true I disliked her, but now after being her fuckbuddy for about a year I slowly started growing feelings for her, her territorial facade turned me on tremendously.  She would always come up to me and start teasing me and turning me on whenever I would talk to any girls and I found that hot honestly. I saw Gayoon approaching me and I pulled her aside and said "Hey Gayoon I know we haven't hooked up in a while but I have a slight problem right now" She looked down and as she was about to say something Lisa Popped up and started kissing my neck and grabbing my crotch. I let out a soft moan and pulled her to my room which to my luck was two doors down the hall. 

Lisa's P.O.V 

I saw jungkook with a tent in his pants and I knew he was asking Gayoon to help him with his little incnvenience and I decided to step up ad mark my terriotory he was mine and no one elses I never liked clingy relationships much but I loved a relationship where we could fuck a lot. I reached him just as Gayoon was about to say something and I started kiccing his neck and palming his erection through his tight jeans and he leet out a soft moan he pulled me to his room and pushed me in he grabbed me by my wrists and pinned me to the wall and immediatly started sucking and kissing my neck he was leaving hickeys wherever he could and I felt it I moaned when he found my sweet spot and decided to take control I pushed him onto his bed and pulled his shirt off as he pulled mine.

Jungkook's P.O.V 

I was determined not to fuck Lisa but to make love to her I stopped her after she took my shirt off and said "Lisa I don't wanna only fuck today I wanna make love to you for once show you how much I want you and not only want your body. Lisa shyly nodded and blushed she looked beautiful with that soft blush creeping on to her beautiful face. I slowed down and leaned down to kiss her and she kissed back this kiss unlike the others was filled with love and not only pure lust and desire. I kissed her for a while and then I slowly started removing the rest of her clothes I pulled mine off as well and I looked down at her underneath me I swear she is beautiful I never noticed how amazing she was. I kissed her and pushed one finger into her and she mewled and I said "sorry I didn't mean to hurt you but it's tight" she looked at me and said it's been a while ever since the last time I hooked up with you I haven't been with anyone else. I pushed another finger in and waited then I inserted the very last one and started pumping in and out as she moan slowly her moans were getting louder and louder and she said "Jungkook I need you please make love to me"  I slowly pushed my dick in her and she moaned out in pain I waited and let her adjust and soon enough she thursted her hips up I slowly started thursting in and out at a slow pace she pumped her hips up and I knew she wanted to me to faster I complied and went faster and faster I loved the feeling of making love to her she moan loudly under me I was thrusting in and out at a fast pace and she moaned out my name Jungkook serveral times I moaned her name out as I was thrusting fasted L-lisa we continued on until she screamed my name out in pure pleasure and came down from her high I kept thrusting till I came then I pulled out tied the condom and threw it away. I got off of her and kissed her and said "Lisa I know we are the biggest players in the school but lets try a relationship" She replied "Lets give it a try Kookie" and kissed me.

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