Closed Doors

I wrote this during a depression. It is essentially my feelings at the time. Also not usually a poet but I found it easier to express my feelings this way.


1. .

When all the doors close,

And all the lights go out,

Nobody really knows,

What he thinks about.


Locked away in solitude,

Trapped inside his mind,

Never knowing what to do,

Unable to leave those dark thoughts behind.


When he tries to scream,

It comes as a whisper,

All is not how it may seem,

As he begins to whimper.


When she tries to calm him,

He pushes her away,

There is no calm there is no silence to one so grim,

That enough he can say, 

This will not deter her,

not while she loves him,

She tries to reach out but he says “not today”.


He doesn’t know what to feel,

What to think, say, do,

All he knows is that to heal,

He must for now say, Adieu.

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