Giants in the sky

During the X-mas holidays there was a massive thunder storm. My family and I sat on my bed and watched the lightning and listened to the thunder. There was a loud 'CRASH' and we all got a huge fright. But my mother said that the thunder reminded her of someone bring in the rubbish bin, that made the thunder less scary for me and my younger sibling so we began creating up little stories for everything that happened during a thunderstorm.... Hope you Enjoy : )


2. Giants in the Sky

She told them that the thunder was just a giant bringing in his rubbish bin. There was a *CRACK of lighting  and the children wondered curiously about if there where really giants above the clouds. The Mother told them that the was also a giant light house that warned humans to stay away and that the rain was really just the Giants wife watering her Tulips and Pansies.   

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