Life Line

WARNING this book is corny there for I'm corny ��


1. This is ME

The day started like any other, I woke up to my alarm howling Katy Perry, This is how we do through out the whole unit. Every Morning I open my eyes and hope to that I am in a better place, instead of a tip of a house my mother and I calI home. I didn't always live like this. Apparently I used to live next to the beach in Miami, that's before my Father left my Mother for another woman. At least that's what my mother told me but I think that story just makes her feel better.

It was a hot Tuesday Morning. I sit on my ledge on my window and watch the children dressed in there smart school uniforms, Book bags and polished shoes. I look at my own cloths, old fashion pink dress, worn out jandals and holy tights. 'The Best of the Best' my mother say when she really just buys every thing from a second and shop. I've been there one, its not the best place to be, people look you up and down, judging you like you aren't even human. I feel like I'm an outcast. Every wishing well, every lady bird, every dandelion and lucky star I wish that I could just get away from it all. Be carful what you wish for!  


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