Life Line

WARNING this book is corny there for I'm corny ��


6. Pixels & Voices

I had the most terrible dream last night, I was in the hospitable and mum was telling me to wake up other wise they'd cut me life support off. I felt so real but dreams are like that sometime. There's no wind today just extremely dark clouds, at least I was able to et my cereal this time. Through out the day the clouds joined together to form one large cloud that expanded across the sky, I was beginning to get worried when I notice things around the city were missing, I men there were hole stores missing, Maybe there was a massive storm last night, at least that's what I though before I saw my slide completely disappear.

That's when I noticed that my drive way was slowly disappearing into thin air, That's when I heard the voices again it was my mum. This place, Its a trap. I have to get Out before I disappear, I had to. I close my eyes and think of home. I open them again but I am still here.

I try pinching my arm, nothing, I go to the bathroom and attempt to splash waster on my face but it just floats up and evaporates. I walk around the room thinking about ways to get out but most of them just sound crazy, well all except 1. I look around my room and spot the tablet on my bed side table. I jump over my bed (falling over on the other side) and grab the tablet. Its warm in my hands. A pull the pencil out from the side of the tablet and go to draw a pair of Dorothy's ruby red shoes but the pen just disappears, I then felt the tablet buzzing in my hand and it to disappeared.


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