Life Line

WARNING this book is corny there for I'm corny ��


4. Own the Night

I pick up my pen and begin to draw, trees with no leaves but flowers that glow red and white, Rivers that run up hill, Castles made out of Glass, three moons and Galaxy skies. Due to the lack light everything was quite dark, my Night gown which was a Fascia had turned to a deep smoke and my hair was a dark Charcoal.

The night was quite and still, nothing stirred in the long grass and no owl hooted in the trees. I didn't like it this quiet, I miss the sound of the cars hooting there horns and the sound of my alarm in the morning, it was at this moment that I realized that I was completely alone.

I lay amongst the purple feather grass starring up at the stars. It was still extremely quiet and I missed the people (even Simon the scab eating weirdo), but my Mother told me always to look for the positives in life. Well I can create anything I want, and get away with it, that's not to bad, oh and I am much happier here..... I think.

I walk slowly back to my dream house. I pull myself up the stairs and fall onto the bed. Strong winds where blowing through my window as if a fan was right next to me. That's strange, it wasn't windy while I was outside.

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