Life Line

WARNING this book is corny there for I'm corny ��


3. Another World, A better World.

Every where I looked it was just.... WHITE. There was nothing any where, in every direction there was nothing to be seen. I walk for a while in the direction I think is North. I walk for what feels like forever, I walk and walk until I can't walk any further. I sit onto the cold, hard, white floor and begin to cry. When I said get away from it all, I didn't mean THIS.

I lay down on the white nothing and wonder how I'm going to get out of this prison on nothing, that's when I hear a whisper calling my name, 'RIN, RIN' I sit up and see a pink light shining brightly in the distance. I slowly rise to a stand and walk towards it, as I get closer the light shines brighter and the whisper get louder, I pick up my speed to a jog, then a run, the whisper are now screaming in my ears and I have to skint to see properly.

I reach the source of the light, there is nothing creating it, its just there, I reach slowly reach my hand into the light then take it out again to be safe. Nothing happened. I take a step into the light. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Everything is just pink now..... wait there's something, something just floating in the distance, I can see it clearly, its.... its a tablet?????

How did that get here? I walk towards it. It looks like an ordinary tablet with...... WITH MY NAME ON THE SCREEN! But how, how does it know my name. I reach my hand over it but pull it back. I don't even no if its safe, I reach over it again, this time closing my eyes, I rest my hand on the screen and open my eyes. Nothing happened, I'M ALIVE : ) 

I take my hand off and notice that the screen has changed, it says 'SWIPE ME'. I place a finger to the left of the screen and swipe. A burst of light comes out of the Tablet and runs over the pink floors creating Roads, Grass, Trees, Buildings. Everything I would have every wanted. Even my cloths looked expensive. I was so happy and it wasn't even Christmas. I take the tablet from its place and clutch it to my chest.

I examine the tablet for a while the screen is now just white, I feel the edges, there is no charger hole or anything..... wait  there is a PEN? I take it out of the hole. It beings Vibrate and I drop it yet it doesn't hit the floor, it stays a float. I heads towards the screen, It begins drawing a tree, once finished a tree magically appears in front of me. The pen then picks up the draw tree on the screen and moves it to the left then it picks the drawn tree up again and drops it into a tiny bin on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The real tree vanishes. The pen then falls into the palm of my hand. I excitedly begin drawing my dream house, one with a slide, a massive bed room an open ceiling and fairy lights everywhere . Slowly I am raised from the grass floor and  into a hose with a slide, a massive bed room an open ceiling and fairy lights every where. I through myself onto the bed. I feels like I'm on a cloud. I'm so comfortable that I could fall asleep, that's sounds like a great idea. I pull a soft blanket over me and try to get some rest but the 'Sun' was shinning right into my eyes. I sit up and place the tablet onto my lap, there is a Sun on the top left corner of the page, I drag it to the bin. All is dark. the only source of light was coming from the tablet.

I just deleted the sun, I can do any thing. this is going to be Fun! 

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