Life Line

WARNING this book is corny there for I'm corny ��


5. Anemometer

The Wind was roaring like crazy still the next morning.

As I tried to eat some Fruit loop cereal but it would just jump out of me spoon and land on the floor about 3m away from me. I didn't know what was going on. I decided to go for a stroll around the town but half the town was missing, roofs had been blown off, there where no leaves on the trees and the sun and moon where moving across the sky a lot faster. I most definitely wasn't going to try to where a skirt in this weather so I draw up some cute jeans with a bear face on the butt. 'Uber Kawaii'.

The town looks terrible, I drew on my tablet to make it look better but it only made it worse. I ran back to the house leaving the tablet on the pavement. 

I buried my face in amongst the soft toys that sat on the edge of my bed. My perfect little village had become a ghost town. I sit up and wipe the tears from my face. The....the tablet, its on my bed side table. I thought I left it near the book shop. OK.

Through out the day I noticed that the tablet kept following me . There was also a voice in the wind that told me to wake up, but I was awake. I was scary. like I was in a night mare, but it was reality.   

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