When Fate Forbids

Lory doesn't know what to do when she finds herself falling head over heels to someone who she is forbidden to love. What will happen when fate forbids her satisfaction?


10. When Fate Forbids X (Epilogue)

“Don’t be so nervous, Jeff,” I chuckled as I kissed my husband’s cheek. “Mom is going to love you. I’m sure of it,”

“It’s the first time that I’m going to see her,” his accent was thick. “It was too bad that she wasn’t able to come to our wedding,”

“Well,” I shrugged. “She’s afraid of planes,”

“Mommy!” our little boy asked me. “Is grandmother going to like me?”

“I’m sure she will, Derek,” I patted his head and circled a hand on my stomach a few seconds later. “I bet that she cooked an extravagant dinner too since my twin is going to be there with his wife and kids!”

Ever since Red found out that Derek was his child, I asked him to keep it a secret. I went to Britain a few weeks later and continued my studies there. Jeff and I already got married. We were the college sweethearts. He knew of the truth of whose Derek’s father was and it surprised me that he still loved me even though he knew.

I couldn’t ask for anything more. I had a good life. I was now a licensed Accountant. I also had a loving husband, a cute little boy, and I was carrying a baby girl in my stomach.

I rang the doorbell of my house and my mother opened it widely for us to enter, “Lory!” she tackled me in a hug. “I missed you!”

“I missed you too,” I hugged her back.

She pulled away from me and looked at my own family, “You picked a handsome man for a husband, Lory,” she smiled at me. “I taught you well,”

All of us immediately went to the dining room and I saw Red and his family there. Red was surprised when he saw me and I mirrored his expression. Just like me, they were also expecting a girl to add up to their family. Derek was at the same age as his eldest son…wait, Derek was also his son too.

Derek didn’t hesitate to play with Derek’s son, Mark. Little did he know that Mark was his half-brother.

“Lory,” he stood up and walked up to me to give me a hug. “I’ve missed you,”

“You too,” I patted his back.

Jeff cleared his throat, “I’m Jeff,” he offered a hand at Red. “I’m her husband,”

“Nice to meet you,” Red shook Jeff’s hand. The tension between the two was noticeable by me. “I hope that you treat her well,”

“I will,” Jeff nodded.

I guessed that this was supposed to be the best ending for all of us after all of the things that had happened.

I loved Jeff…but deep in my heart, I knew that Red was someone that I wouldn’t be able to forget. 

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