When Fate Forbids

Lory doesn't know what to do when she finds herself falling head over heels to someone who she is forbidden to love. What will happen when fate forbids her satisfaction?


6. When Fate Forbids VI

The light of the sun that came from the window above the bed woke me up. I opened my eyes slowly and saw Red’s sleeping face first thing in the morning.

He looked like he was in peace.

I quietly sat up and grabbed my clothes beside the bed. A minute later, I dressed myself with my clothes from last night.

I walked to the direction of the door but didn’t forget to look at Red. I knew what we did was wrong since we were twins but why was I happy of the thought that something had happened between us?

I couldn’t tell anyone about what happened, not even Kyle, our cousin.

This was pure incest.

And who knew of what the society would say to the two of us?

People said that we should do what we liked but even I knew that what the two of us did was wrong.

I went straight back home afterwards without even bothering to wake up Red and tell him that I was leaving.

“Where were you?” that was the first thing my mother asked me when I got home.

“I slept over at Red’s,” I tilted my head to the right side. “I thought that you knew?”

I thought that Red called my mother to tell her that I was going to stay over at his place.

Did Red plan all of this?

“He didn’t ask for my permission,” she sighed. “But if you’re with Red, then that’s okay. I know that the two of you were separated for the longest time,”

“Did you talk to him?” I asked her.

“He visited me whilst you were in school,” she explained. “He also told me that they didn’t move that far away from here,”

I guessed that even my mother didn’t have an idea that Red and my father were closer to us than we thought.

“Have you talked to Dad?”

“I don’t plan to,” she shrugged.


“And call Red,” she said. “Tell him to also bring his girlfriend over for dinner.”

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