When Fate Forbids

Lory doesn't know what to do when she finds herself falling head over heels to someone who she is forbidden to love. What will happen when fate forbids her satisfaction?


9. When Fate Forbids IX

It had been a couple of months and my tummy got bigger that I couldn’t come up with an excuse when my mother confronted me about it, “Lory…are you pregnant?”

I didn’t know why she still asked that question considering the fact that this human being inside of me had already been there for four months already. The bulge in my stomach made me unable to fit inside my old clothes.

“Yes…” I smiled at her.

She massaged her temples and shook her head in dismay. “Your brother having a child is acceptable since he’s already married…but you? You don’t even have a boyfriend to begin with!”

“I’m sorry,” I looked down on the ground.

“Who’s the father?” she sat beside me on the bed. It was needless to say that she was disappointed but she knew that there was no changing the reality that it already happened.

She couldn’t do anything about it.

And I didn’t want to hinder the life of a child who was created because of two people who made the mistake of making love.

It’s my twin brother, Red. I wanted to tell her but I came up with a lie instead, “I had a one night stand with a random guy that I met in a club,”

“A random guy…” she repeated. “What have you been doing with your life?”

“It was just an accident…”

“Who’s the guy?” a new voice chimed in and slammed the door of my room open. “I’ll kill him,”

“R-Red,” I stuttered at his sight. His expression was terrifying that I wanted to run away from him then and there. His eyes turned wide opened when he looked at my stomach.

I was guessing that my mother had called him over. It was the first time that I’d seen him ever since he got married. Since he was going to be a father now, he spent most of his days with Stacy.

“Lory,” his tone was as terrifying as he looked. “Tell me. Who’s the guy?!”

“Someone that you don’t know!” I snapped at him. Seconds later, I stood up and ran away from my house.

I ran to where my feet could drag me.

A hand gripped my arm and turned me to look towards him, “Lory…” Red’s tone was pleading. “Please…tell me,”

“It’s none of your business,” I glared at him like I despised him so much.

“I-Is it…” his voice broke. “Is it my child?”

I mustered all my strength to get out of his grip, “Yes,” I admitted. “Don’t worry about it, Red. I’ll raise it as my own so you can focus on the baby that you’re going to have with your wife,” and with that, I walked away from him…and from my life ever since I met him after eight years of being separated. 

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