When Fate Forbids

Lory doesn't know what to do when she finds herself falling head over heels to someone who she is forbidden to love. What will happen when fate forbids her satisfaction?


4. When Fate Forbids IV

It had been three months already and I couldn’t deny the fact that I was in love with Red, my twin brother. I was a deviant. I violated the social norms when I realized that I wanted something more from my twin brother.

I knew that my feelings were considered taboo.

I knew that nobody would accept my decision…but the pain in my heart was too heavy to handle. I wanted to be with Red as a lover and not as a sister.

“Another shot, please,” I told the bartender. I was getting rather tipsy but it was okay since I came here to get drunk in the first place.

I wanted to set aside these feelings for my twin brother but I was yearning for him to touch me.

I needed to find a guy fast.

Maybe someone would at least take me away from the dark side of an incestuous relationship that I was hoping to have.

“Hey,” someone greeted from beside me. I couldn’t make out his face since I was close to having my sanity taken away by alcohol but I was sure that he was a guy. His voice was husky and very smooth. It looked like I didn’t need to make an effort to forget about Red. I was lucky enough when this guy was the first one to approach me.

“Hey there,” I smiled like I was insane.

“I noticed that you were alone,” he said. “Want to join me?”

“I would love to,” after I said that, he immediately snaked an arm around my waist. Without introducing ourselves to each other, he aimed for the exit of the bar before receiving a punch from someone.

A punch?

“Get your filthy hands off of her,” the guy who punched him said.

“Red?” I muttered.

What was he doing here?

“Who the hell are you?” the guy spat.

“I’m his boyfriend so get lost,” Red immediately grabbed my hand and dragged me outside the bar. He made me go inside his car and he frustratingly drove our way to God-knew-where. “What the hell were you thinking?!”

“Why where you there?” I asked him.

Maybe he wanted to get laid tonight and I ruined it.

“Your GPS is on and…” he answered. “…you’ll be sleeping in my house tonight.” 

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